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2/22/2004 c8 steph
“Wyatt. If you can hear anything I say, please know this. I love you. We all love you. Your mother, Piper loves you. Paige loves you. We need you Wyatt. You can’t leave us...
2/21/2004 c13 4bob-the-bear
Love your story!
aww, so sad, it's ended!
i am addicted!
*hugs back*
2/21/2004 c2 5acevilla
Regina! I read the first Chapter, and already it's intriguing! I love it! Keep going girl, with your writings! And I'm excited to read more!
2/20/2004 c13 2Miss Brite
Wow thsi is an incredible story
2/20/2004 c11 Starburst
oh that was so cute! i cant wait for more!
2/20/2004 c13 rockingal
YAY! You finished posting, cuz you know, it was just to difficult for me to read it before, i had to wait for you to post it hehe...neway, I like it better this way. Love ya!
2/20/2004 c12 52EternalConfusion
YAY! 2 chapters at once, they were great chapters and I can't wait till the next chapter. Please update soon
2/19/2004 c12 4bob-the-bear
thanks so much!
aww, i'm touched!
please please please update soon!
and then, could you write another story?
its just this is TOO good!
hope fully the plot bunny will visit you sooN!
bye bye!
2/19/2004 c12 19BeckettFan
Cool! YAY! Wyatt saved them! YAY! plz post more soon! i love it! i wanna kno wot da Elders say!
Love Megan
2/19/2004 c10 rockingal
This fic is so great! I love your writing style, and I can't wait for more!
2/16/2004 c1 dingobabe
This is really good! Update soon!
2/16/2004 c9 52EternalConfusion
Yup, I feel special, 2 chapters at once! Great new chapters, update soon.
2/16/2004 c9 19BeckettFan
Cool! this is really good! YAY! Prues there! thats soo mean taking Wyatt away from Leo and Piper! plz post more soon!
Love Megan
2/14/2004 c7 4bob-the-bear
oh nno!
why can't leo heal him?
this is great...
the Elders better do something about this!
2/13/2004 c7 xjelliepotatoex
okay, totally off-topic and stuff, but, if Piper and Leo havea 17-year-old son, then Piper obviously is arond 45 or so.
So, does Leo retain his youthfull-ness, or does he somehow find a way to age along with his aging family?
Yeah, random, but I've always wondered about that. Especially, in season 6, I'm PRAYING that Leo and Piper get back together, but in 50 years, Piper will be 80 years old and nearing death, and Leo will still be 30-ish-looking; an immortal..
Apparently, the writers on the show have forgotten about that... lol, yes, random.
But I like this story. Please update!
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