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7/22/2013 c2 5Galaxy-Eyes11
So cute ! Awesome job
6/6/2013 c1 3Deadly Shadow
Misty "Um. Nice introduction to the story Yami... Very original?"
Kira "Yes, that seems the best way to say it. Instead of kicking him in the shin like Angel wants to do."
Angel "Wait shounen ai? Does that mean there's barely any yaoi!?
Kira "God dangit Angel if your going to be a drama queen about yaoi go watch the hopeless love one. Hope a roach decides to have a threesome with it like the late one that decided to do it to ours."
Angel "Wait what? Oh god just the image!"
Chase "You... Will not play that unless you have a death wish Angel!"
Angel "Mmm? Hopeless love you say lets go and watch it manservant! *Drags Chase away happily humming psycho love.*"
Kira "...Remind me why he's in with the group?"
Misty "Remind me why he's your fiance?"
Kira "Humph. Good point."
Misty "Oh! And before we forget great story can't wait to read more!"
8/7/2012 c25 20Silver-Haired-Thief
;) good story!
7/28/2009 c25 10CosmicEssence
I have to say as good as this was...mostly for reasons that everyone had their own solid character, that you didnt fixate on one or even two characters but rolled around the lot and that all of the people and their 'lives' really worked well still didnt go at all like i expected.

I think the biggest issue I have is that you ended this too quickly and too soon. The story had barely begun to take off as it were before you stopped and announced 'the end'. Really, in 25 chapters, not a lot happened and what did didnt seem to go much of anywhere. It was okay for what it was and like i said the characters and solid relationships were the best part but otherwise I can't say I care much for this one.
8/18/2008 c25 Johnathan Zorc
Well, it's a really good story Great, actually,, I only have two complaints. The first is that for a story called Slam Dunk, it doesn't have too much basketball in The second can only be described as what follows:

zOMG WTF Bakura!

I beleive that is all.

Sincerely, Johnathan Zorc
3/17/2007 c1 3CucumberKun
I don't think I commented on this fic but



I liked the whole new setting etc

Wishing there were more to it afterwards for seto and jou


*_* i loved the relationship between jou and seto in this
11/22/2006 c25 1La Ragna
...that ending sucked. It wasn't exciting or romantic. Then again, it did portray them as more normal people and less like anime characters: always a good thing. And I really hate it when people go and have the people in romances fall in love within a few days, or worse: hours (love-at-first-sight is the worst that anyone could possibly do, but there you have it).

I like the fact that this is more like an excerpt of their lives, with the hopes of varoius romances just beginning to spring up. It leaves the fic very...hopeful.

Still, this fic didn't have a lot to it.

Isn't it interest: I started this off with a profession of how much this ended sucked, and I ended up deciding that it served a good purpose better than that of simple fluff. I like it...though I do think that you could have done more to make the overall fic a bit more interesting: maybe have Yugi actually going out for the team, the tryouts, finish up with a little "A Year Later" thing that showed a basketball game that they won and all their friends in the crowd (and couples that have FINALLY gotten together, Joey and Seto still doing their "cat and mouse" thing, of course).

I've never been really sure about Otogi/Honda. They're just not characters that I like a particular amount. But you've managed to show them in a way that gets to the level of "toleration of the pairing". And I think that there was another one of your fics that I just couldn't help but think it was cute...Good job!

All in all, nice work. There are certain things I would have done differently, but there's not much you can do about that now, huh? ^_^
11/21/2006 c11 La Ragna
...**blinks**...What was that? okay, so Bakura's stalking Ryou (for an unknown reason: was that apartment one he was staying in or something?). And Honda likes Otogi, who I hope will continue to think Honda is annoying (it's cute when there's a little of that kind of thing in a romance!^_^). And Joey is depressed because he thinks that Seto doesn't like him (maybe he'll cool off for a little while: then again, depressed Joey sounds dumb and boring...)

This chapter was...odd. And kind of pointless. But I really liked it! ^_^ You write well!
11/21/2006 c8 La Ragna
Aw! How cute! Seto really does like him! And it sounds like he's denying it more because he thinks that Joey is just fooling around, trying to get under his skin. Interesting twist. I like it!

Hm...what's this I detect? A little Otogi jealousy? ...I'm not sure I like Otogi/Joey...No, the puppy stays with his master...although Otogi could lay claim to him from the time he made Joey wear that dog-suit...but still, Joey stays with Seto. It's cuter...
10/16/2006 c25 1088609
That was such an awesome story! It was so cute the whole way through! I loved Joey and Seto's relationship, it was definately different from how it's usually portrayed. They were so cute together! I also loved the arrogant Yami, he acted sort of like Seto. Anzu was written well, because usually she annoys me, but not this time! It's too bad Mokuba never made an appearance, but that's ok. I was reading some reviews for this before. I thought the ending was just fine. We know Otogi and Honda like eachother, and now they're going on a date. We know Yami and Yugi's feelings, and Yugi got a kiss! (And he got to see Yami in bunny boxers!) Seto kissed Joey! So it's obvious how he feels, and if you couldn't pick up on how Joey felt, well... Honestly, I'm wondering who the stalker is here, Joey or Bakura? But hey, now Ryou won't be so lonely. Plus, that was a cute way to add Marik in, however brief! So, in closing, I absolutely LOVED this story. One line I particularly liked, all though I don't know why, is when Otogi said, "Yeah, being in love's not that great nowadays, is it?" That was so funny!
7/7/2006 c1 Jg6PVGzxG0cn
I have long adored this story, and I love how the end is left open in a way. Definetely a fav.
1/10/2006 c25 4jessikur
Wow. I never finished this, I've just realized. xD

And I love the ending, and, considering I'd been hoping for Seto to kiss Joey, it was perfect.

Good Job. ^_^
11/10/2005 c25 Guest
Okay, I do NOT get what was going on between Ryou and Bakura. Rather random, rather stupid and nothing really happens. All in all, everything was too brief. I think if you expanded on it a little more, ie. kept it going with a more concluding ending, it would be SO much better. Not that it's bad to begin with, the spelling and grammar was good. The plot was good, the characterisation was interesting. Generally I liked it...just, it was rather brief.
10/19/2005 c11 Dark-Young-Link
YAY! You wrote this story really well and i cant wait till i get to the end!
9/9/2005 c25 18Dark-English-Rose
it's 5.40am, and I jsut had to keep going until I'd finished this, and I wasn't disappointed!

That was adorable! Really amusing and jsut plain great, well done!
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