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4/29/2005 c4 GaGaGurl
Im confused...y did u keep re typing it? n e way its a good story keep updating!
12/28/2004 c4 angel
this is class up date soon plz
10/18/2004 c4 Susan Potter
more more more more more more more more more more more! if there is no more, you are destroying the life of a 16 yr old girl! IM DESPERATE WOMAN, IF YOU DONT UPDATE SOON, I WILL FLAME YOU! *KILLING CURSE*

No pressure, though. ^-^
10/1/2004 c1 Susan Potter
9/12/2004 c4 Frosted Love
Great story, but I think it's a little messy(no fence). Keep on writing!
8/19/2004 c4 stef
um. that chapter kinda confused me, well it didn't confuse me; it got me totally lost. well im still going to keep reading this sotry so you need to keep posting. bye
8/17/2004 c4 Anariel Phoenix Blade
Good chapter. Please update soon.
8/16/2004 c4 Emma-Just-Emma
i'm am i like so confused cause you are not maki ng any sence and you repete stuff send the story to me @
7/10/2004 c3 riley
the whole "im a distant relative of the famous harry potter and i cant tell him on orders from dumbledore" is a bit cheesy
7/10/2004 c3 BAilyy
Good Good but how did a memory charm send them back in time?
7/10/2004 c2 BAILYY
What NO! You can't stop now Where they memory charmed?
7/9/2004 c3 7orlin
very good i love your story its great hope to read more
7/8/2004 c3 Anariel Phoenix Blade
Good story so far.
6/5/2004 c2 aPainStainedSoul
This story is pretty good, Keep it up, Im looking forward to reading the next chapters.
2/21/2004 c2 39aalikane
weird... freaky... lets see 25 % weird 50 % freaky and another 25 % unbelievable.
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