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4/24/2005 c8 RabidDracoVeelaFangirl
I really liked ur story :p it could have been a bit more detailed but it was a good story ^^
7/17/2004 c8 3silver emerald eyes
This makes 18 I guess...It didn't suck. It just lacked the catchy thingee... Well it's their loss. This is a brilliant fic and they didn't read it... too bad for them . *evil smirk* Draco and Harry look so cute together, by the way *swoon*
7/11/2004 c8 1iced-forest
aw, that sucks how you didnt get a lot of reviews. i thought this story was good and its not cool how people dont review. :( anyways, good luck with any of your other stories :)
7/11/2004 c8 faye
That was a really good fic. It totally didn't suck. The plot was well thought out and it wass excellent.
7/11/2004 c2 cRyStAL TeaRZ
*sob sob sob* T_T , dumbldore died,

ur story ROCK i totlly luv it,

im supriesd u got onley 13 revaiewz!

it about luck belive me,,i KNOW,,

u know the part that Draco putz the dagger between him n Haryy , tearz came down , i tought he was gonna kill em

i TOTLLY luv ur sory ,,

DO a sequl! PLZ
7/10/2004 c8 1blue phoenixtear
I thinks it´s a great story. don`t know, why only a few people review. maybe they´re too shy...? ha, you see, i´m brave, yeah *drop* okay...

tomorrow I´ll read your other HP-fanfictions, I promise! or at least one of them :)

hugs from Germany and good night

blue phoenixtear
7/4/2004 c7 Riot-Girl7
Hurry up and get better! You have a great story going here. :)
6/21/2004 c6 6CuriousDreamWeaver
Oh! Drama! Angst! It's all there! LOL It was a good chapter. Nicely written. Please write more!


6/19/2004 c6 kt
wow this is really really good, i enjoyed reading it, it held a lot of emotion and most fanfiction stories i read don't, your story is very special i would like to thank you for writing it, i hope you update soon
4/18/2004 c5 11allara serasai
Aw! That was so good. Are you still looking for a beta-reader? If you are, my email is Great story!
2/21/2004 c5 xyz
This is fantastic! Please keep going! :)
2/19/2004 c5 31Chaotic-obsession4eva
What a really well written story
2/19/2004 c5 Ravenfrog
Your story is interesting, I am waiting for your next update. It does seem that you might benefit from a beta-reader, so you might think about that. Your charcterizations of angst-filled Harry and Draco seem very dramatic and interesting, but your supporting cast could use a little more focus.
Pansy and Snape could use more clarity of their motivations and thoughts, for example, and Ron and Hermione have faded out without a reason. If they have decided not to hang out with Harry because they're too busy dating, or if Harry has pushed them away because he is so scarred from the war, whatever... it would be good to have those sorts of things explained, as opposed to them just fading out. Hope this seems like constructive advice and isn't too harsh, you've made a good start here.
2/19/2004 c5 6CuriousDreamWeaver
Draco's such a sad sack, isn't he? All angsty and depressed and everything! But Harry's there, it'll get better, somewhat.
Great use of emotive language and imagery. It was very nicely done. Especially in regards to Draco's rather cold attitude. Please write more!
2/19/2004 c5 dirty dancer
ah! That was so cute! I really liked the part where Draco stabbed himself, ok that didn't sound good, but I did, Harry was all like tough love you're not going to do it and everything, and then Draco's just like oh yeah, fuck you. hee! I also really liked the last bit and everything, but I noticed there are still lots of spelling and grammer mistakes! So I am going to offer to beta for you, if you want me to and dont already have someone (though i find that rather unlikely), then just email me or something, and I'll get back to you.
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