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2/19/2004 c2 dirty dancer
Oh you poor thing! I was going to wait till I had read all of the chapters you have up already, but then I saw that you only had 3 reviews so I decided I would atleast review two and hey maybe I'll do more it depends on my mood, looks rather good so far, but you never know! Anyways so I really like the premise for your story, how draco is gone and everything, however I noticed that your spelling was not the best, you needed more flow in the chapters, they were kind of choppy, how you switched from small glimpse to small glimpse, um... there was something else too but I cant remember. Anyways congrats on a really good story, I totally loved the part where Pansy slapped Harry, personally I find it mean how everything about is always mean... yeah um so I also liked how ron acted throughout the whole thing so far, you kept him in character and still had me wanting to poke his head with pins, yay! (yes I have a pin fetish) I also liked how Harry was looking forward to Draco, I cant explain why but I was just like yay! Wow! Finaly! and a whole bunch of other things. yeah well I'll stop now since this is so incredibly long, and I kinda want to read the rest.
2/18/2004 c1 1Ravenight
Wow this is so interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter, I have to see what's going to happen next
2/18/2004 c1 8littlericepot
It'll be interesting to see how you will put Draco and Harry back together. Please continue. On a smaller note, you have a LOT of spelling mistakes in this first chapter. Spell Check can do wonders. Or a beta reader. Either one can help with the small mistakes. =D
~Sweet Sorrow
2/17/2004 c1 6CuriousDreamWeaver
I quite like this! It's very interesting and angsty! Go teenage angst coupled with grief and all that. Makes for a very interesting emotional rollercoaster, doesn't it?
Good use of emotive and evocative language and imagery. Please write more!
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