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for The Day of Flowers

1/23/2005 c1 Terra89
Aw, kawai!

Your a good writer and that was so cute!

Oh and if you don't know who I am, I wrote:Be afraid be very very afraid

So you like yaoi?

I like yaoi!


My fav pairing is also HakubaxKaito!

For you I would write a sequal!

Oh and I'm thinking of writing more HakubaxKaito...

Now back to the topic at hand...

This story was so kawai!

You wrote this at nearly 11?

I know how that feels!

Good story^o^!
2/23/2004 c1 39Snowfire the Kitsune
CUTE! This was so CUTE! I wonder if Sesshomaru will ever find out what Valentines Day is?
Sending mischief your way!
Snowfire the Kitsune
2/19/2004 c1 2Firehotchica
Well good story anyways. Would you mind reading and reviewing my story The Last of the Potters?

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