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for Why Good Die Young

2/29/2004 c1 11account permanently out of use
Wow, apart from the tenses, which still need work but that's what the bitch (our english teacher) has appointed me to do, it's extremely good! Hell, it's frickin' great!
2/24/2004 c1 36MikoNoNyte
Pointless? Pointless? Hardly!
You've crafted a heart-warming little piece that shows insight into the characters Halley and Yuri.
Continue to write, please.
2/21/2004 c1 70ariescelestial
This wasn't pointless! It was very sweet. I liked Yuri's part; they do seem like brothers sometimes.
2/21/2004 c1 13Aberlemno
I like it that you had marbles... I have an obsession with marbles so that was interesting.
Anyway, yes, that was cool. Deaded Halley.
And they're all breeding. I love baby harmonixers... and now Miss Mam is pregnant too. . .
I apologise if this review was a bit useless and made no sense. Keep writing!

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