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8/24/2021 c8 Guest
If you are still with us and you still come to this site to read things but I wish that you would do a sequel.
As long as you didn’t make her super powerful a person that doesn't need anyone else's help.
5/2/2017 c8 8showerofcunts
This is such a good story
2/2/2015 c8 brendafay
more please
1/24/2010 c8 6Ollie912
awesome story can't wait to
6/29/2004 c8 1HallowH8
Update, i was re-reading the story and you could add and few more capters.
4/14/2004 c8 5Gryffindor620
Well isn't that intresting!
Great Chapter!
Udate Soon Son!
4/5/2004 c7 jesuislacamera
I love this story cont soon
4/4/2004 c7 1HallowH8
No one has tried this type of story. I think its a good story. I'm trying to think of a name, what about 'the child of a charmed one' kinda lame but its the only think i can think of right now.
4/4/2004 c7 5Gryffindor620
That was great!
Udate Soon Son!
3/27/2004 c6 Gryffindor620
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
3/27/2004 c6 jesuislacamera
I love this story cont. soon
3/27/2004 c5 jesuislacamera
Continue plz
3/21/2004 c5 Gryffindor620
This is great!
But it still doesn't have a title!
It's hard to keep track, 'cause when I look
at my alert, I usually don't look at the summary
just the name of the story!
No matter!
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
3/15/2004 c4 Gryffindor620
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
3/15/2004 c4 50EternalConfusion
That was good, update soon
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