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2/29/2004 c2 39Amelia L. Mendal
woo! i like this story so much! you better hurry up and update this story or i will hold a gun to your head and make you update
okay so maybe i won't, but YOU DON'T KNOW THAT! SO JUST UPDATE! heehee
2/28/2004 c2 5serialmother22
I just can't wait to read more !
2/28/2004 c1 Lissa
hehe! You used the word 'Kay' lol! was that a mistake or did you use it cuz i got it stuck in your head! hehe! you know i use that word! lol
(and i'm talkin about chapter one where it says 'Kay, bye lavender' hehe well whatever the reason was, this was a good fic so far! hehe keep goind!
all my love,
2/27/2004 c1 6weasleygurl4
God dammit! What is that Lavender's problem? She is always trying to steal everyone's men! Including yours, keep a close eye on Ron, she could even go for Draco next! Ah I would never allow it! Anywayz, great story, made me sad though, cuz Lavender is a ho! I rhymed... YAY!
2/27/2004 c1 eclipsedbrunette
love it love it LOVE IT... update soon
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