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2/15/2011 c17 106gatehead81
Aw many sighs :)

Nice way to end it all. Loved this story it had something very different about it and a great original character. Can't help but think he echoes Jack in an odd sort of way...what would he be like without Sam? Charlie's loss made him suicidle, what would no Sam do to him?

I liked the tempo of the story as a whole. The way it runs up and down just when it needs to and you managed to keep your 'voice' consistant throughout.

Well done :)
2/15/2011 c13 gatehead81
Yay! Go Jack and the guys ;) Gone all super slueth...kinda reminds me of another tv character we all know :)
2/15/2011 c10 gatehead81
Poor Sam is slipping away...where are you Jack? We need a herpo :)
2/15/2011 c7 gatehead81
Bad creepy Jackson man! Don't hurt Sam's bike! :)
2/15/2011 c3 gatehead81
Okay creepy...really really creepy...hope he isn't too twisted! Grief can really ravage a person, as obviously you know but hopefully he's not too far gone to hurt our Sam!
2/15/2011 c1 gatehead81
Yipes what an opening, suits Sam down to a 'T' as you yourself put it :)

She's always super active...sometimes a little too much! Can't wait to see what happens to her injured half way up a creepy but rather beautiful mountain...
10/22/2008 c17 22MajorSamanthaCarter
ah! scary, evil psychotic wierdo! ...ahem...

loved the story! such a sweet ending... yay 4 j/s!

keep writing!

7/11/2008 c1 10A.M. Richardson
What a ripping yarn! Twists and turns and how sadfor Jacksontoo.

I know you wrote this a long time ago but WELL DONE!
12/11/2004 c17 LCTC
NO! Don't end it there! I want Sam and Jack to get together together! *pouts* It's just not fair! This story was a tease...You're teasing me, aren't you Renee! Gr! *lol*

Good story...I so want to kick Jackson Thomason's ass though! I mean, his intentions were so not sweet in any way shape or form...The guy knew what he was doing...sure he was nuts...but still...psycho! Sorry...but I can't feel any sympathy for anyone who keeps my Jack and Sam separated! I have a one track mind!

Very glad Jack found her and they finally talked about how they feel for each other...but still, you didn't have to end it there...Honest! *lol*


6/18/2004 c17 13SG1-Fanfic
Great Story! Well written.
6/11/2004 c17 zippy-rainbow
aw, so good i loved this!
4/13/2004 c17 2Perido
No! Don't end it! More please! lol kinda creepy but really well written
3/25/2004 c1 10DonEmilia
This is really good stuff. Please write more, i can't stand the suspense! lol
3/23/2004 c17 10Wolf Jade
that was awesome, it was great.
3/23/2004 c17 kazuki Landen
This is so cool! I read it over and over again, cause I really liked it! Please keep up writing!
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