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3/22/2004 c17 11TubaPrincess
A million smiles go out to you because of this story! I love it! I really like how his voice soothed her. Aww.. *sighs dreamily* I wish many happy things for the two of them.. Thanks for the greast read! :)
3/22/2004 c17 daydr3am3r
the end? no! more! you must write more!
3/22/2004 c16 daydr3am3r
ah! shit! shit! shit! you made me so happy, only to drag me down again. i feel a tear coming! she can't think she's Karen!
3/22/2004 c15 daydr3am3r
i'd say he left 'our world' a long, long time ago, and Sam was just the straw that broke the camels back (you know how long i've tried to incoperate that in somewhere...a long time) anywho, yea! they found her! took them damn long enough. But, still. Yea!
3/22/2004 c13 daydr3am3r
all that i can say is, yea! they're actually close to finding her now.
3/22/2004 c17 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
That was great.
3/22/2004 c17 22BizzyLizzy
That was so good, and I loved the ending even though I'm not really much of a shipper.
3/22/2004 c17 6Thyqua
Enjoyed this story thoroughly, very well written and a great story line too - the way you portrayed existing characters was accurate, and Jackson came across as a realistic person. Keep writing!
3/22/2004 c17 KatHawke
I first caught your story at I enjoyed reading it. You are a good writer.
Keep writing.
3/22/2004 c15 22BizzyLizzy
She's been found, but will she be alright? Can't wait to read more.
3/21/2004 c15 11TubaPrincess
I so thought I was going to get to read another chapter after that.. bummer. Ah well. She's found! YES! :) That pleases me greatly! I love you! This is getting intense. *sigh* I'm so glad they found her. I was beginning to worry.. actually, I really was worried.. :)
3/21/2004 c13 58Cathain Nottingham
Yay! The boys to the rescue, I can't wait for more...they have to find her.
3/21/2004 c13 11TubaPrincess
Yes! Please! He needs to be dealt with! They have to find her! Please..? :)
3/21/2004 c13 22BizzyLizzy
This is getting better, SG1 are on the trail now. Can't wait to read more.
3/21/2004 c13 10DonEmilia
Please More! Very good chapter, hope it ends with Jack & Sam - I'm such a pathetic shipper! very good anyway
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