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3/18/2004 c8 35LadyRaider
i've said it time in and time out...dude should be in a mental hospital. Sam's inward struggle to try and be his wife (cause she thinks she is) is very good, you're doing a great job with this story...
3/18/2004 c7 daydr3am3r
I know i can not stress this enough, but damn is this guy off his rocker. you've done a very good job with his character. i applaud you on his psychotic character and the entire story itself, it's very good.
3/18/2004 c6 daydr3am3r
stepped over the line into madness...hmm...i'd say it's more like he lept over the line, very eagerly. What a nut. Good story though.
3/18/2004 c5 daydr3am3r
Ah! What a physco! I like this story, but the doctor kind of freaks me is said physco...
3/18/2004 c10 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good chapters.
3/18/2004 c10 22BizzyLizzy
This is written so well. Jackson thinks what he's doing is so normal that you just know he must be insane to keep on with the deception. I keep willing Sam to remember and get herself out of there before it's too late. Keep up the good work.
3/18/2004 c10 zippy-rainbow
wow! this is so good!
3/18/2004 c10 58Cathain Nottingham
Another fantastic two chapters, nice little bit about Sam finding the wallet and the dreams...I can't wait to see where you go with this!
3/10/2004 c6 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good chapter.
3/8/2004 c5 11TubaPrincess
ooh.. that's bad. She's going to remember and be so confused. He's a jerk. I mean, I know he's been all sweet taking her in and everything, but he shouldn't do that to her. She's never going to remember what he wants her to be and by telling her lies, it's only going to tazke her longer to improve. Yes, Jack is going to freak when he finds out Sam's missing.. it would be great to find out what's happening at the SGC right now. I'm sure they are a bit more than concerned. Anyway, this is great so far! I really like the concept and everything! :)
3/8/2004 c5 22BizzyLizzy
Wow, this is getting creepy, write more soon!
3/8/2004 c5 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good chapter.
3/8/2004 c5 19custardpringle
Always nice to see some Stephen King-like stuff on here. You're doing a great job.
3/7/2004 c4 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good chapter.
3/7/2004 c4 10Wolf Jade
wow these where some chappies, sorry i havent reviewed the last few but i forgot about this fic, my bad cuz its really good, so please update soon.
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