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for Bladebreakers vs The Babies

8/4/2005 c3 8BeyMistress05
I love this! CHibis are SO CUTE! Update soon! And I think Ray looks cool with a mohawk!
8/2/2005 c3 5VGMaster04
Great chapter. Update soon. I think Super Smash Bros. Melee is only for the gamecube.
7/18/2005 c2 VGMaster04
This is good. You gonna update?
12/23/2004 c2 Uso Ja Nai Shimizu
lol, dat chptr was so funny!

ps: i hope u update soon
5/3/2004 c2 Izumi Princess of Darkness
Man you gotta update!
Oh yeah,another thing could you put one of my three year old OC's in there?If you will here's the info you need to know.
Appearance:Open red waistlength hair and red bangs falling into face.Black plain dress(no disigns no frills nothin')pale white skin,menicing.
Attitude:Mean,torturer,can kill on the spot(She carries around a pichfork a gun a blow tourch
a tourch and a dagger for cryin' out loud!)
Is good with blackmail.
Here's somthing I have in mind.Use it if you want or change it but not TOO much...
Kai looked up.This...was...bad.The kids still had him tied up in a chair and were looking a little dissapointed.They were running outta wepons.Suddenly footsteps were heard coming down the hall."Hurry!It's the nursary teacher!Lock him in the closet!"one of the little kid's exclaimed.As they stuffed Kai into the closet(With a lot of protesting muffles coming from Kai's mouth.After all he's still got the duct tape on his mouth)the teacher enterd,with a little girl."Oh!Where's your helper?"she asked them."He had to go use the bathroom"one of the children answerd."Oh"said the teaher,as she left.
The kids dropped to their feet in a bow towords the girl.[Insert discription here]."We have a new victem for you,Oh supream tourturer!"they chanted.
Kai's P.O.V
Supream tourturer.I don't like the sound of that.
(Back to normaL)
"Good bring them to me!"She told them."Yes mistress"They chanted.Kai was brought forword to her.
Kai's P.O.V
What!She's a little girl!WAY to innocent to tourture anyone,let alone ME.
(Back to normal again)
Izumi dug her hands into her back pack and brought out[insret wepons here].With every wepon that came out Kai's face grew paler.
Kai's P.O.V
What the hell!CRAP what kind of person gives a
three year old this kind of weponrey!
[Back to normal AGAIN]
"Untie him"Izumi commanded them."Yes mistress"They answerd.The kids untied Kai and one of them ripped the duct tape off his mouth.
"OUCH!"Kai yelled."Lucky for you that I play fair"She told him."Look kid,I'm outta here!"
Kai told her."All f you grab a wepon!"She commanded the other children as they ran towords Kai as an army."Holy shit!"Kai yelled as he ran from them.They trapped him in a corner.Izumi and the others looking as menicing as ever.Oh loard help me!Kai thought to himself."Now"Izumi told
him in a cold and menicing voice."It's time to take you, to the room from hell!"
Good,Bad I'll let you dicide!Use it PLEASE!
AND UPDATE SOON*tear tear*for me?
-Izumi Princess of Darkness
P.S Izumi is MY charactor so if you use her only use her in this ficcy!
[MAN this is a LONG review.Can I even call somthing this long a review?]
3/26/2004 c2 1kaibygirl
Niki: Tee hee!
Mika: Hm...I wonder what that reminded me of *cough*Nikithepsycho*cough*
Niki: Omg that was funny as! Please please keep writing
Gage: And consuming various sugary snacks!
Mika: I am gonna die.
3/24/2004 c1 33Bloody Mary
Thanks for reviewing Why doesn't Kai like Macoroni with Fruit! I would have enjoyed this story, if you weren't so mean to Tyson. He's not *that* stupid! C'mon!
3/21/2004 c2 Kay
as i said Kai...And Ray...and who cares about Tyson...I cant forget poor Max... I CAN'T SAVE U!! no i'm really sorry guys but ull live
and did u get the revolver is found by the kids idea frome me? im getting populer. and poor Kai... i loved ur hair and im sorry if i gave her the evil idea about the evil children finding ur revolver...but it was funny so wildfox, please update soon?
3/17/2004 c2 1deepforest-yuki
hi! ^-^ funny storwee...heh...u should make someone be evil enough to play...THE SIMON SAYS...! example: "Simon says knock yourself out."
hehe by the way, i have nothing against kenny or tyson...well maybe tyson but that's another story. hehe well plz update.
3/15/2004 c1 20Little Miss AiLy
That's really good so far, and thanks for reviewing my fanfic. I'd like to note that I'd like to see more of Max though... Please? Maxie rocks! Ehehe, I just have a few issues that need to be sorted. Anyway, keep going... ^_^
3/13/2004 c1 Reis1gurl
Hay I like it so far, but i can almost see the evil twinkle in ur eyes...if..u ..go..N-E-where near my Rei's head i will personally email every Crazy4Rei fan I know and tell what u me u don't wanna go me...
But besides that...KEP GOIINNGG! it's great so far! this is ur 6th review so far, so one more to go!
PS)I luv Rei, and one mor thing...I'd take my warning seriously...I LUV MY REI!^-^;
3/12/2004 c1 Linneh
3/11/2004 c1 Meca-Chan
Really good keep updating. I feel bad you Kai those cause they might tie him up or something. Rei man I feel really bad ... don't make a little kid cut his hair those ... that's just plain wrong! Oh and I would hate to be in a room with Kenny I would probably die! Oh and Max and the other kids being sugar is so funny ^_^!
3/6/2004 c1 Kay
i wish i could help u Kai...but its not my fanfic and its just to funny! ^_^. if ur lucky Kai she wont have the kids find ur revolver. hey that sounds like a good idea! u could, if u want...have the kids find his revolver and chase him around! its really good! please update soon?
3/4/2004 c1 rays biggest fan
this sounds good it looks good and tastes good? sorry went a little weird there anyway write more

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