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8/1/2017 c1 2acetwolf94
6/7/2013 c1 2Casey Wolfe
Aww, poor Jess. Such a very bitter-sweet story. 3
3/13/2012 c1 6Rika100
This is really good. I like how Jesse is able to see something that Brian and Dom are still not aware of. ^_^
10/6/2011 c1 Amalia216
This story makes me so happy. You do not need a lot of words to say something beautiful. ;-)

4/30/2011 c1 38lotus-bugxm9
Nice :)
5/27/2009 c1 8Evil Windstar
oh. hah-hah. I knew Jesse had a man-crush on Brian! who wouldn't?
4/16/2009 c1 10narakunohime
loved it. :3
7/9/2008 c1 9tinkrbell225
great story I love it great job
9/24/2007 c1 18TravelingRoses
Great fic. I was just watching the movie and thinking about the part where Jesse calls Brian beautiful.
6/9/2006 c1 6itsasledgehammer
Dom/Brian is my fav. Letty/Dom is ok, Brian/Mia sucks. But I never considered Jesse/Brian. This made me think. Now I wanna read one. plz right one? lol. But aw! Poor Jesse. I feel bad, cuz its obvious Dom and Brian are flurting and are together or w/e. Your a great writer.
7/23/2005 c1 Lucy
Oh, that was gorgeous. I like the slight wistfulness, but general complacency of Jessie. and yeah, that line in the movie? totally made me pause and rewind a couple of times. subtitles are my friend. :)
5/15/2005 c1 ears
I liked it, you described well unrequited feelings. Very good one shot.
2/13/2005 c1 Disaray
I really like this story, I think that you should update it.
2/12/2005 c1 1DarkKeeper
Not bad. I liked it for a one-shot.
12/21/2004 c1 Laura-trekkie
I liked this :), poor Jesse though :(. If it's any consolation, I don't remember that "He's beautiful" line from Jesse either.

I shall have to watch it again now, just to hear that line...oh, what a terrible hardship ;D

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