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5/7/2004 c8 elena
it made me cry. i always fancied the ad/mm pairing but this is the most touching story i've ever read!
4/26/2004 c8 111Hogwarts Duo
I was hoping that Fawkes would be able to save her but guess it wasn't meant to be! But at least they'll always be together and living in peace. An awesome ending! ^_^
4/26/2004 c7 Hogwarts Duo
Oh no! How very sad! Beautifully written but so very heartbreaking! Off to read the next chapter! Maybe she's not dead...there's always hope!
4/25/2004 c8 Liz O'Brien
Oh that was such a sad ending, but it was very well written. Bravo!
4/25/2004 c8 14Morgana-Alex
You too have done it again. A great story. I'm sad that you killed AD/MM i was moved to tears on the last 2 chapters. But happy that even death could not keep them from each other. MA
4/21/2004 c6 perk
oh sure, LEAVE ME HANGING! I thought this chapter was quite interesting. And I'm glad that Moony is helping out. (I'm a big Moony fan) I really want to know who comes into her room. Please tell me whether Severus has been accepted back into He With the Unreasonable Creepy Name's inner posse. and Please GIMMIE MORE FIC!
4/19/2004 c6 10Catwoman99
Wow, you guys. This is intense. Will Albus lay the smackdown on Voldemort for what he's doing to Minerva? I hope so. More soon, please. :-)
4/18/2004 c6 111Hogwarts Duo
Oh my poor Minerva! She does not deserve the torture forced upon her. Hope Albus works out a solution soon and Minerva is back in his arms!
Great job with the chapter! ^_^
4/18/2004 c6 77Child-of-the-Dawn
O_o oh no...Minerva! *stares at you* Amazing how you can write such a sad fate! Very good with the Albus-breakdown, should be a natural thing to do...*hugs AD/MM*
4/18/2004 c6 Liz O'Brien
Lovely chapter! But poor Minerva and Albus. I hope they both keep strong and fight to the end!
4/13/2004 c5 Liz O'Brien
This is a wonderful chapter, but so sad. Poor Minerva and Albus. *sniff*
4/12/2004 c5 marky chaho
great! Fantastic!GIMMIE MORE FIC!
4/12/2004 c5 111Hogwarts Duo
Poor heart is breaking for her and Albus too for that matter! You're doing a fantastic job with all of the characters and I want you to make things better soon...please! ^_^
4/12/2004 c5 61Nerweniel
WAH! WAH WAH WAH! I am now quiet hysterically screaming. For heaven's sake, if I could I'd go right to Voldemort and slap him so hard in the face, that he would have to search for his head afterwards! Bastard! Bastard! Continue, by the way, because I really want to know what comes next ^-^.
4/12/2004 c4 59LinZE
oh dear.
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