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8/17/2012 c22 1Encypher
I especially enjoyed the blooper with Cleon farting. A very enjoyable story, I was dubious about it initially but I did end up enjoying it
2/11/2012 c21 shieldlessknight
... the only reason that I'm okay that this is k/j (because I absolutely despise joren) is because it is set in a different universe... yeah I know I'm a little behind the times with this was finished in 2001 and now I just read and reviewed and the is 2012... and now I'm messing up the perfect 555 reviews and turning it into 556 *insert troll face here* :D mehehe ether way I liked this and I'm on to read the next few seasons!
9/30/2009 c1 Lobster3
I read this story a while ago and loved it-I've been looking everywhere so I can read it again. I'm so happy I found it (now I'm not going to get any sleep)
7/30/2008 c2 emptyaccount00000000
Love it!
7/21/2008 c1 11oxlabyrinthxo
hey i was reading this and i was confused and decided to read "Fallen Idols" only it's not on your profile anymore...is there another link i can use to read it?
6/26/2008 c22 shadowstorm13
lol this was awesome!

i love this story so much words can't describe it!

thank you for writing this awesome piece of art i love it!

so this is where kel/joren came from i usally hate kj but this was diferent i love it this time

this story was original, funny, awesome,creative and so much more i didn't want to put it down last night but it was 3AM and i thought one of my parents had got up but i found out that it was just my brother geting something from the kitchen

the bloopers were hilarious especially the ones with kel i love this story i love it love it lkove it love it!

thank you for writing i'm sad to see it finish :P
3/15/2008 c1 5Cherrysinger
8/20/2007 c1 Valerie
Hey! I really enjoyed ur story. Keep going!
1/9/2007 c21 1Lytari Talon
I must admit-I was very wary of reading this. I thought, Kel and Joran? The Kel series was not my favorite Tamora series, so the fics must be worse! This author must be crazy! So I continued to read the other Tortall fics, Alanna/George, Daine/Numair and a few other fics thrown in.

I must say that I am everlastingly grateful that I gave this a try! I love your portrayals of the characters. In the books, I thought that Kel was too much of a "lump" with too few human characteristics. She was amazing here. And of course I loved Joran. He was actually one of my favorite characters in the PotS series and I was so annoyed when Tammy killed him off.

You are an amazing author, and now I might even delve a bit further into the Kel/Joran fandom...that is, after I've finished your fics!

Thank you ever so much for this, and I'll have you know, I blame you for me failing my psych test tomorrow, as I was so enthralled in this that I could not take a break for studying!

Keep writing!

10/8/2006 c22 fliccolo
Great story. your writing is amazing. I loved it!
7/18/2006 c21 7dreamofdesire
I love this story! Great writing. I love how you portrayed Joren.
4/26/2006 c21 me and a half
ohmigod u r soo mean. just when i ws crying because joren was dead, he comes back. and then, just as i was all like yay from the fluff (which was awesome bi the way) he's kidding. except i actually think that he's not. just because-o well. i dont know. but i think it would be cool to have a joren's mind moment u know? just like HIM thinking about all this. we know what kel thinks, but wut about good ol' jorry? ya know?

lol. i loved it, btw
4/26/2006 c19 me and a half
4/25/2006 c15 me and a half
lol-the lyrics fit very well. almost cried. AGAIN. lol.
4/25/2006 c14 me and a half
wow. (sniffle) this is one of my first kjs, and i think its amazing. this is also the first review i've given in about a month or more. i just think this is AMAZING. i read in ur a/n that u wanted to make it perfect, and ur very close to being there (only because nothing is perfect.) joren was very in character, and i love his story. i cried when he sold his bike, and then when kel bought it back i cried again, of happinness. i looked really weird, tears streaming down mi cheeks, a huge grin on my face. (yup, there's me being a writer again. lol.) it was wonderful. the burn marks were very good, i love when they're riding on the bike together, i love the story, i love the kiss, i love EVERYTHING. except when he says that it was a mistake. maybe you could do a flashback of joren, and hes like dang it. u know, maybe he felt the emotion too, but he thought kel didn't like it, so he told her it was a mistake. and then maybe he'll learn from fal or cleon or roald or lalasa that she likes him and tell her the truth and then there can be FLUFF. i just love well-written kjs. i don't even think that ive ever read one better than this. i just absolutely love this so much. god i cant even stress it enough, lol, even though mi mom is yelling at me to go and practice mi instrument. i thought this was more important. its just-wow. u r inspiring to me and ur fics give me pleasure.

thank u.

lol i sound like a freak right now, but its so true. i just loved it. omigod.
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