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12/22/2004 c4 Roadkill005
:) Very nice! Good use of gender reversal.
4/28/2001 c4 Kaiser the Black Dragon
You're a very good author! I hope you're next chapter will be out soon. I think this would actually be a workable game plot.
4/8/2001 c4 2Toimi
YAY! another chapter! this fic is coming along nicely! i love it! noce work.

your characters are developed and understandable. (considering if you've played lunar)^_^
3/16/2001 c3 Toimi
EXCELENT! im imprest. You are and exceptional author. I cant wait for the second chapter! ^_^
3/16/2001 c2 Toimi
Nice start to a wonderful looking story if i do say so myself. Sounds an interestingly twisted tale of another dragon master to be. Nice title also. I think i'll read it as it progresses. oh yes, i will. muahahahahah! ohh, ahh-hem, sorry about that. I like this stroy and where its heading. ^_^
2/5/2001 c1 Review Fairy
I am the review fairy, only those with no reviews are bleesed with my presence.I know what it feels like to get no reviews _

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