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for Monsters, Inc 2: Randall Returns ii

2/15/2006 c2 zavier
" smellers inc" ha ha ha, I like that, that's good. Just some constructive advice, try making your chapters a little longer, that way there's less work while posting stuff on the site.
3/8/2004 c8 5pitbulllady
I'm gonna play "Devil's Advocate" here, Gnatz. First of all, I'm not a kid-I'm what you might call "middle-aged", and I've been in the corporate world long enough to have worked for my unfair share of Henry J. Waternooses. I know from first-hand experience what it's like to be forced to do something illegal and unethical by a boss who feels he/she is beyond reproach, just to keep your job and stay one paycheck from bankruptcy. That being said, Randall wasn't the one who came up with the idea to kidnap human children and build a machine to harvest their screams. His BOSS did. His only alternative to going along with this little idea would have been to lose his career(you cannot get another real job without your previous employer's recommendation, either)and livelihood. Who knows what else he'd been threatened with if he didn't go along with the plan. He'd no doubt also been promised some cushy executive position if he DID build the Scream Extractor, so that would have served as even more incentive. Now consider this: it HAD to take months, several months, to design and build that contraption, and the ONLY time that Randall would have had to work on it without missing any of his regular work schedule and therefore not attracting too much attention, would have been at night, during weekends, and during holidays. Ever went without sleep for several nights? Ever worked seven days a week, including major holidays, with NO time off, for MONTHS on end? How about working in what was basically a windowless dungeon all this time? Not only does your sleep patterns get messed up, you can FORGET any social life! Now, wonder what that would do to someone's personality after several months...Been There, Done That, GOt the T-Shirt. NOT pretty, I can promise you! You just become this totally stressed out, NASTY shell of your former self, that's what happens! That doesn't mean you are just plain mean, though, because once the situation resolves itself, you can go back to being you. That's why I sympathize with Randall so much, 'cause I know what it's like to be in that position, being taken advantage of by your boss and being unable to do squat about it, other than lose your only means of putting food on the table and paying bills. Now, If Sullivan and Wazowski actually enjoy throwing another monster into the Human World to be beaten and possibly killed by some shovel-wielding redneck, you tell ME who is the mean individual here! Yeah, I'll admit Randall did some pretty wrong things, but again, he was FORCED into it. Besides, two wrongs still don't make a right, never did, never will. Sullivan and Wazowski had no more right to banish another monster than Waternoose had to banish them, but apparently they never heard of something called "Due Process". Their former boss probably did, though; my guess is that the old crab who started the entire mess got hauled off to jail, hired a busload of the best lawyers in the Monster World, and got a fairly light jail sentence with maybe a fine and some community service, in addition to losing his CEO position(which does NOT even mean he no longer owns the company or has any authority in it, by the way).
Now, the story itself-not many mistakes, but I found the very short chapters a bit irritating. Sorta bothersome to have to keep clicking every minute or so to bring up a new chapter. You might want to consider consolidating some of them into longer ones. Not a big deal, though.

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