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9/21/2015 c4 1solitaireseraphim.silvertaciturn
So Sweet~ I really love this story~ It's made me feel so warm inside.
6/10/2006 c4 FIA
Can we have a normal, NON-fluffy story please? Thats all! Oh, and TORTURE the Bladebreakers if possible please! Thank you!
5/12/2006 c4 Experimental ANgel234
That was so fluffy! Good job!

Alex: I gotta admit, that was cute!

Tina: Hey! Your not dissing Angie!

Alex: -_-;; If I do a)E.A will kill me b)You will kill me c)Anige will kill me so I have no choice!

Tina:^^ Finnaly! Your thick skull got that right!

E.A: ANYWAY...The story all and all was so romantic! Good job*Glomps author till she turns blue*

Tina: I'm calling the hospital!

Alex: Here! *Hands Tyson luaghing plushie* makes a cute luagh/giggle! Enjoy!

E.A: Ja Ne! Anyway can you do a songfic on Ty/Re? "You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson where Rei sees the true Tyson! PLEASE!*Puppy dog eyes* I'M A HUGE TY/RE FAN! PLEASE! OR I'LL SICK ANICA OR NELLY ON YOU!

Alex:-_-;; Better do it if you don't want a pissed Animagus Nelly going after you!

Nelly: I HEARD THAT! DIE!*Uses the Avdea Kadaver(Can't spell it) curse on him.

Tina: Nelly has a bad temper! So watch out if she's after you now!

Alex:0o! HELP! ANYONE!
5/12/2006 c3 Experimental Angel234
*Sweatdropsat the fihgt* Okay...the story...OMG! *Burst out crying* POOR TY! I SWEAR I'LL KILL THAT (Censored) OF A (Censored)(Censored)! *Starts a swearing spree*


Alex:*Scoots away* Umm, the summary rocked so does the story good job...*Ducks knives being thrown randomly* -_-;; Oh no...

E.A: *Randomly throwing dangerous things* (Censored)! (Censored)! (CENSORED)!

Tina" *Ducks a chair* Here* Gives a Depressed Tyson plushie* cries every time you play a KellyClarkson including "Behind these Hazel eyes*...Enjoy!*Ducks a couch* 0o! How strong is she!

Alex: Too strong! All those who are reading this watch out for flying dangerous object including her Beyblade which is white and has black streaks. Ja Ne! OH NO! SOMINA AND LUNA ARE OUT!(Her human bit-beast, Somina=Goddess of Light Lunarsa(Or Luna for short)=Goddess of Darkness)

Tina: All those who are reading this...RUN!
5/12/2006 c2 Experimental Angel234
*Sniffs* That's so sad...

Alex:*Rolls eyes* Geez woman, it's not that sad...

Tina:*Anime Vine on her fist and forehead* YPUR NOT HELPING ONE BIT YOU KNOW! *Hits Alex wiht a frying pan* NOE DDIIEE!

Alex:0o Mabey late Tina!*Runs out of the room*

E.A: Anyway, the summary made me burst out crying and the story was pure angst! Oh and Kai...*Hits him wiht her Beyblade* DON'T EVER HURT TY-CHAN!

Anica:0o! When did my cousin become a girl?

E.A: Anica! Just give her plushie and leave!

Anica: Yeah, yeah! Here! *Hands Tyson in Hogwarts uniform plushise* Hope you like it! WHen will you do a AnicaxHarry fic?

E.A: After this! Now, shoo!

Anica:^^ Okay! *Leaves the room holding a bottle of pink hair dye*

E.A: -_-;; I won't even ask what my OC is thinking! Anyway Ja Ne! Um, Angei? Have you seen my muses at all?
4/21/2005 c4 17Anime Onnanoko
Good story. At lest they made up in the end.
10/11/2004 c4 kat315
such a sweet story... so full of emotions...
9/25/2004 c4 4Kerei Kitsune
^_^ cute!
9/19/2004 c4 4Wildfox
Wow that was a great story! I'm not much for gay stuff but you were good with it and didn't make it gross like some people do. No offence to anyone. Anyway, if you can please update soon and I look forward to reading more! Keep it up and I know I said this before but great descriptions! You should go professional as an author and publish something! Chow!
9/9/2004 c4 2Akanishi Jin
well, I admit it..I loved it. ^_^" I guess the story line could've been a little longer, but it was good enough for me. ^_^"


9/9/2004 c4 Yami FireKali
Wai! ^_^ Congratulations! *glomps* Finally finished it! And such a good job of it too! Tell your muses to lay off you. You had angst, and a make-up scene and fluff! It was great! Can't wait for more of your imagination, Ange!

9/8/2004 c4 boronia
Aw that was Beautiful...

i love snow, it doesn't snow where i live, ... at the coldest, i get sleat and hail, icky! (but i love the cold... so i imagin i love snow)

Ps, we're all suckers for fluff no matter how much we try not to be.

:) *grins*

happy fluffy joy joy!
9/7/2004 c4 16Ms Hobgoblin
Yep, I liked this very much. Great ending.

*Dances happily around the room* ^_^

Hob x
8/13/2004 c3 1Bra-Two
Please update as soon as u can
6/30/2004 c3 The 13th Grave
Gah. I hate you! HATE!

*breaks down, sobbing*

That was the most beautiful thing I've ever readd! *clings*

And I'm not a fan of this pairing, either. o_o
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