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6/28/2004 c3 4Wildfox
Wow. . . that was. . . great! ^_^! You have an amazing talent for describing things and for explaining emotions. I mean, Kai's not the easiest person to explain but you did a fabulous job! Please keep writing and keep up the talent!
5/5/2004 c3 Mwahahaha
Now you have nineteen reviews! You MUST continue! *puppy-dog eyes* Pwease?
5/5/2004 c3 3Ramen II
yay next chapter ^.^ i really liked this chapter cos it had rei being all angry and kick ass like and it was so cool ^.^ rei is great being bad, i guess i'll cyas next chapter when you write about kai doing dsomething or other (about time to)i'll b c in yas, bi bi
5/5/2004 c3 16Ms Hobgoblin
I love the crystal ball comparison.
Update soon okay. You nearly had me crying
Hob x
5/5/2004 c2 Ms Hobgoblin
So FULL of angst!
this is so great. I`m annoyed that I didn`t get to read it when you first loaded it. :(
Hob x
5/5/2004 c1 Ms Hobgoblin
Me loves this very muchly.
on to the next chapter...
Hob x
4/22/2004 c2 The 13th Grave
Nyahh, the story didn't die, did it? o_o
Anyway, I loved this chapter, and I think you did a good job of keeping Rei in character. I find him hard to keep normal. ^_^U
Hooray! Angst!Tyson! XP
4/22/2004 c1 The 13th Grave
That was awesome. n_n You were really good with the descriptive words. *nod nod*
And it helps that I love that song, AND December. :D
Also, I think you kept Tyson very IC in the flashback. *skips off to read and review second chappie*
4/9/2004 c2 19Rumi-Chan
GACK! You're sixteen? Already? ACK! I need to work on a birthday fic then! *runs and grabs her notebook*
Could you tell me when Timmy's birthday is too, so I can write a birthday fic for her as well?
Anywhoo...I can't wait to read more!
p.S. Here are some of you birthday presents: Aiko and Garu (grown up) wall scroll with a pissed off looking Kai in the backround, and Tyson, Max, and Rei trying to restrain him. Pixie Sticks.
"I woke up, looked in the mirror, and saw stupid..."
4/6/2004 c2 22SilveryKitsune
silver: ::watching the crowd of readers throwing things at Angie:: ...
kwok: ::jumps from the second floor and behind silver:: BOO!
silver: EEK! ::jumps up and flinches majorly, falling on her legs:: ow...
kwok: ::being the innocent angel that he isn't::
silver: ::rubbing her head:: kwok, you really had to do that?
kwok: what fun would it be if i did not do it?
silver: just spoke without using contractions!
kwok: -.- i don't do it all the time...
silver: x.x you just used another one...
kwok: like i would give a damn about that...
silver: swear word~! ::bonks kwok on the head:: Oh yeah~ I was going to send you an ecard yesterday for your birthday...but i didn't think you would be online ^^;; here's your belated birthday present~! ::gives angie the last blackmail videos recorded backstage, covering TyKa and MaRe.::
kwok: ::glaring at silver:: ::clearing throat::
silver: oh yeah~ I'm going to make a fanfic of authoresses in a plot that i'm still developing, like Timmy-sama ^^ except...mine is most likely different from hers ^^;;
kwok: ::holding the "e-mail her" sign::
silver: ^^ continue~! and update soon ^.~
xX Silver-chan with accompany Kwok-kun xX
4/5/2004 c1 4theformerarashi
*hits self with keyboard* Why *SMACK* Don't *SMACK* I *SMACK*ever *SMACK* review *SMACK* your *SMACK* Fics? *SMACK* @_@
Kai-Beacsue your stupid?
*Kai sees Max drinking all the soda*
Kai- MIZUHARA MAX PUT THEM DOWN RIGHT NOW! *sighs and hangs head* why do I bother?
Takao-*grins* LOO! Choclate!
Kai-*slaps forehead*Im surrounded by idiots
Kai-*slaps arashi* WOULD YOU WAKE UP? I need help!
Max-WE! Sugary soda is fun ^-^
Takao-M Choclate ^_^
Rei-Hey look! There's some more choclate! 8eats it*
Kai-Not you too! *slaps head* kiill me!
@_@ I cant beleive I didn't reveiw. STUPID *SMACK* ARASHI *SMACK* NO *SMACK* BAKA! *SMACK*
Kai-*glares at angevar* I hope your happy...look what your responsible for...
Arashi Doragon
Kai and the Bladebreakers.
4/5/2004 c2 3Ramen II
i can't believe no one has reviewed this chapter yet, it was brilliant, you should so have more than 10 reviews for this chapter, i really was surprised you know cos takao's not eating i could sort of handle but takao not eating rei's cooking that was weird but takao not having desert? thats freaky man just plain freaky, k then i'll cyas later cos i really want to see what happens, bi bi
3/11/2004 c1 19Rumi-Chan
Meep...*cries and huggles Takao* Taka-chan! *cries, then glares at Kai* BAD KAI! *chucks a bunch of demoninc furbies at Kai* BAD KAI! BAD! BAD! Anywhoo...sorry that I never got to review this, as a treat, I'm going to tell you a little secret!
Kai: It's not really a secret...
Rumi: HEY! How did you escape those furbies?
Kai: The batteries died...-_-
Rumi: DAMN! Anywhoo...I have the Opening and Ending Songs for 72 Hours! They're both DDR songs though...
Opening Song- "Dive" By: Be For U
Ending Song- "Shooting Star" By: BANG!
I can give 'em to you to listen to if you want...they're hella wicked...techno, yeah! ^^
Update onegai! I'm going to try to post "Reunions", the next chappie of 72 tomorrow!
3/11/2004 c1 22SilveryKitsune
Silver: Kawaii!
Kwok: ::covering his ears::
silver: ::poking the muse:: why are you covering your ears?
kwok: your exclaimation is too loud!
silver: ::ears twitching:: it's not my fault is it?
kwok: it could be since you do that all the time -.-
silver: ...why complain?
kwok: ...forget it already. i'm going to go get some more sleep.
silver: do whatever you want right now then...except burning the kitchen or doing something to me! ::goes hide behind the couch::
kwok: -.- i won't. ::goes into his room::
silver: whew...anyway! Keep going Angie! You need to make another chapter! I want to see TyKai kawaiiness! Onegaishimasu? i wanna see why happens! Sorry for not reviewing earlier ^^; ::gives Angie a tons of TyKai chocolate bars::
x Silver-chan
3/10/2004 c1 Asoleil-Lune
Wow...T.T...continue it please! This story has potential! I want to know more! ^^ Continue please and ditch the idea about it being one-shot! ^^;
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