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6/29/2011 c54 Blackmuse
hey tom valor. i really like your stories.

i read a lot of ragnarok story for several days and i can said that the story you write are the best of them all. please keep writing this story. it'll be a waste if you stop in the middle and it'll make me sad if i can read your story.

good luck and keep work hard :)
3/29/2011 c2 Savaris
I don't believe this, it's been done for quite some time already and I only find it now? I want to properly give myself a thrashing if only it was possible... What's more it's a trilogy? And the second part is in the works already...

I've only started on this chapter, but I could tell that this will be something epic. I could also say that you're the type that would definitely add depth to the characters with their own story to tell... Ah, I could go on, but this is not simply because I'm a fan to RO, but also because I those who pour their time into the details which would make the reader feel and imagine even a little of actually being and the piece they read (I get that kind of feeling, in my opinion).

You probably won't read this comment, and it might be the last for this piece, since when I read something that really moves me I at times wont's stop reading it till the end. So, I'll probably be "seeing" you on the sequel, Tom Valor. RoK on...
12/15/2009 c51 Magmerthron Aleydis Magnus
My apologies once more if my comments are bugging you.

These things just seem to pop out in my mind all of a sudden and i hope you would bear with me as i wish to convey these little bits of information to you, if you don't mind.

Just wanted to tell you how amazed and amused at how you frequently incorporate the professions and monsters as well found in the original RO game. This really is enlightening and brings the story into a new light, especially for readers who, at the same time, are players of the game. Although the explanation and history that are linked to, let's say, the MVPs and a certain city's origins are merely your creation and works of your creativity, i find them to be very eye-opening and i find myself amused at times at how well you seem to piece together all the information in such a clear manner that they seem almost to be the truth in RO. Kudos for that.

That's it for now, once again i guess...

Till the next time a random remark comes to mind.

12/15/2009 c52 Magmerthron Aleydis Magnus
Anyway, just wanted to add this little remark. i think what makes CT a good story is undeniably the way in which you explain each individual character as well as event, a way that enables me to feel as if i can personally relate to the characters as well as their feelings throughout the story. In this way, your fanfiction is unique and i praise you for it. And i just love the way you elaborate each fighting scene to the extreme detail. Although, i do sometimes feel that some technical terms are repeated all but too often.

Guess that's it for now.

Looking forward to more from you.

12/15/2009 c53 Magmerthron Aleydis Magnus
Hey there. Just so you know, i started reading CT a few years back and have since been absolutely absorbed and intrigued by it. i'm currently re-reading it and have only finished Dusk. i think it's a fascinating and wonderfully written story as a whole. You've helped me learn loads in terms of the English language[seriously]. Also, i love the storyline and the way you describe each scene so discreetly that they are all nicely differentiated from one another yet at the same time, they are all intertwined to form a wholesome and awe-inspiring story. Kudos for that. The explanation to each character's background in the story also serves to further intrigue and interest me as all of them have been given separate and discrete roles to carry out, yet they all seem to act towards a similar goal. Kudos for that too. However, i do feel that sometimes, you might have rushed through certain scenes. Such as the time when Trenzein was attacked by Koullufen's assassins in an alley. It seemed to end too abruptly, with him just continuing on his stroll without so much as a qualm coming to mind, as if nothing had happened even with a few corpses littering the ground. i think such parts need some fine-tuning at least. This sometimes leaves me perplexed. Also, i feel that some scenes, on the other hand, aren't being elaborated or expressed sufficiently. i guess that's practically the main "bad thing" [sorry for my bad English, can't think of a word for it...] that's bringing down your story. All in all, i praise you for your creativity and vocabulary as well as your talent in writing that's made CT a wonderful and worthwhile fanfiction to read, though i do feel that it is in grave need of some updating...

And my apologies if i've, in anyway, insulted you and your work.

5/11/2009 c2 sensualkidney13
the best prologue I've ever seen. I'll definitely keep reading.
2/20/2009 c54 6Sobriquet Nightmare
I managed to go through this in about a day's worth of hours and must say that even though your writing is very simple, it manages to convey a lot of messages to the reader. It's something that I've yet to find in my own writing, I feel.

There are numerous erros in tense and such. REally obvious, stark mistakes, those are. I think after you've completed midnight you should clean this up a bit.

Also, the chapters to me, are too short. They are too spaced out, giving the reader the wrong impression of a huge story with its huge number of chapters. I can see that they are all nicely interlinked but I suggest that you condense it further into about 20 or so chapters instead of 50 in order to make the flow smoother. Different points of views should also have been separated by the horizontal rule. I found it confusing when it switched back and forth from different events and scenes across the battlefield and in other scenes, just so you know.

I also don't see a solid plot, because it seems that everyone is interlinked with everything. This is quite good, but you tend to make all these relationships too interconnected, thus making it messier and messier to explain. They may seem simple to you as you understand, but to the reader, I am confused in a mass of characters and their relationships regarding each other. I hope you understand this as well.

I really loved it when Agranias (sp?) kissed Silmeia (sp?). I let out a sigh for the fact I would have to make that decision somewhere along my life.

Actions scenes were rendered simply too, but stark enough for one to imagine. I suppose that has it's good and bad qualities it itself.

Overall I enjoyed it very much, though finding it to be very tedious to read. I managed to get trhough it all in such a short time thanks to my 3G and Phone, but even so, I really suggest you make a clean sweep of your story in order to clarify it for readers who potentially do not have a strong grasp in the English language but still wish to appreciate your works.

Hope this finds you well, and continue writing!

Benjamin See aka Sobriquet Nightmare
10/29/2008 c1 10wdango
You know, I really wonder how you come up with all these cool names. Care to share..?
6/18/2008 c54 Kaori
Woah, Tom. For a long time I've had the burning desire to reread this fic, and two nights ago it kept me up until I finally crawled out of bed to do so. Just finished rereading Dusk right now, and wow... won me all over again in ways both old and new. Same with my love for Zein, some things just don't change! The more I read Zein the more awesome he gets. I'm also renewing my fondness for the rest of the cast too... the Companions, Joe Buck and Osiris, etcetc... I still laughed out loud at Joe Buck's hugging tests, Eliarainne's eight beds, Zein and Sei's banters, Kreizen's friendly likeableness and the "aww, how swet" moments between Sil and Agranias. And, just a note, no I didn't rig the Character poll results to make Zein place first so far, ahaha ;)

I'm really dying for an update... So meanwhile I'll be rereading Midnight. I know you're still writing, so I'll be waiting for that. But please update soon! =)
5/6/2008 c54 18Haru no hana
now i really finished up reading

wonderfull³ no

a thousand times that

It was an wonderfull experience to have the

chance to read this work.

you are really great into the scenes description, and

removing a few and unnimportant grammar misstakes, that

every one have, its near perfection...

i wouldn´t compare this to any other professional work,

´couse i do not have knoklege to do so, but as my

limited mind allows me, i can judge your work

as one of the best. (wooh im trying to be serious here... but its extremely hard .
5/6/2008 c53 Haru no hana
i may be a lazy ass.

but still i needed to leave a review

for this chapter now! i was planning on leaving after

finishing the fic...


i loved makaelthos TT.TT

he was my favorite character..

as i think i voted on your poll


whyy my love?

whyy must the goods dye young? .

oh, and by the way, im loving your

blood filled scenes \Ô/

one day! one day i swear i will be able

to produce such scenes with the same

maestry as you do!

sayonara the one who holds my eternal devotion \Ô/
5/5/2008 c30 Haru no hana
i was so imerged into the

story that i trully forgot the


sorry .

its confusing so far, but

lets see if my fuzzy brain can cacth the

storyline properly...

Kreizein wont be a pedophile, will he?


owai, im leaving for now..

but wait for me! \Ô/
5/5/2008 c23 Haru no hana
here it is my account XD

finally i logged in

yeah yeah, burocracy and stuff

to hell with it..

just hold my love and devotion like you

always did! \Ô/

well.. since i started to read this fic anyways .-.

5/4/2008 c15 haru no hana
15 already T.T

now you will have peace!


until i read the chapter 20 ùu

(im still at 17)

bye then n.n/
5/4/2008 c10 haru no hana
like i promissed 10 chapters later..

here is me! \Ô/

annoying you agaain!³

yiip .

love so far! bye for you,

the one who holds my love and devotion \Ô/
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