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for A3 Flying Into a Mad Season Who's Psychotic Now

3/4/2010 c32 wotumba1
great finish to a wonderful story!

so glad that you let nancy be in charge of stockwell enterprises, she really deserves that job!

(you do know how to write girl-power wonderfully, you know?)

loved it, and again, off to your next one in line!
3/3/2010 c15 wotumba1
*blushes deeply*

thanks for your reply, how very sweet of you!

been way over my head in work this week so i had and have to put reading your fics aside a little, that's why i just made it to this chapter so far :-(

just wanted to say that i always enjoy strong female characters (there's so little of them around anyway) and really like - no make it "love" - your nancy! she's the perfect match for an unconventional - maybe even slightly mad - pilot like HM himself...

hope i'll be able to get back to you soon!

oh and thanks for the "timeline" for reading your stuff, i kinda figured it out so far i guess...
9/8/2005 c32 30HonorSkywalker
I just love this series! Murdock is definitely one of my favourite characters ever, and the mysteries Nancy gets involved in reminds me of the Kat Colorado Mysteries by Karen Kijewski. A must read!
4/12/2004 c31 Amanda
Great story! Enjoyed reading it! Hope you write a squel to this! (this review is suppose to go to chapter 32 but it wounldn't let me review grr...) :-)
4/12/2004 c32 Caligurl
That was great! I throughly enjoyed reading it! I hope a sequel is in the works!
4/11/2004 c16 Amanda
i like it! i'll read some more tomarrow!
4/11/2004 c12 Caligurl
It's great...i'm enjoying it so far..
4/7/2004 c6 Caligurl
Good! i'm reading it slowly but surely :-)
4/5/2004 c4 Caligurl
Good chapter!
3/20/2004 c32 6NSW
this is really good!
3/18/2004 c32 snickers
Man, I didn't want it to end. I suppose every author has to have an ending. This was as good as a place to do so; as long as you have a sequel or prequal.
3/18/2004 c21 snickers
Nancy is stretching herself thin for a pregnant women. A full-time job, singing, pregnant with twins, wife, and now maybe rung the business. I have nothing against it, but I'm exhausted reading about the Team and wives lives.
Can you spread some energy to your readers?
3/18/2004 c20 snickers
Real nice dialogue between Hannibal and Stockwell. Very on target. Please don't make me stay up to midnight to finish this series!
3/17/2004 c7 snickers
Loved this section. Murdock landing in Langley is priceless! I wish I could finish this tonight, but alas sleep must come. You should post this also to w.ateamfanfic.org also.
3/17/2004 c32 12Morrowsong
A perfect ending to a perfect story. I don't say this often but I truly enjoyed reading this. I hope to read more of your work soon.
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