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for The Reptile Room: A Ballad

6/9/2005 c1 151A Laughing Fish
Very good! I liked it a lot. But what was with the desk?
4/1/2005 c1 Izzy Quagmire
You must have worked hard. Wow.
11/6/2004 c1 1Lombadia Greenleaf
Wow that was good! I liked that. It was quite, quite clever. Well done!
3/19/2004 c1 5Diamond of Long Cleeve747
Wow, that was amazing. Points for you for finding such consistent rhymes.
3/19/2004 c1 8Alice Thompkins
Wow! Cool! : D!
3/17/2004 c1 18edgy wedgy
What about the bit where they kept arguing about cars? And sitting next to a corpse? And Stephano killing someone like we eat small butter cookies? I guess I really liked those lines...
Oh well! That was really good! And what do you mean "NO!"?

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