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11/26/2005 c15 crashfourit
Interesting... Internal and external conflect. Keep it up. I think Jenny would have an adverse reaction when she finds more about Sheldon.
2/24/2005 c13 Strickland-Propane
I like the story, the detail you put into it is excellent
2/18/2005 c13 crashfourit
Cool story; I like it that Jenny gets a place to be 'normal'. I would be nice to have a new chapter posted.
12/27/2004 c5 15Raven Hufflepuff
I like this.Jenny deserves to have a place where the people who meet her wouldn't see er as a teenage robot girl.
11/12/2004 c13 Trinity7
Okay Jilly, I finally read your chapter! This one is nice and exciting, but it lacks a bit of your usual awesome description. It's pretty good, not my favorite though. I can't wait for more... and when Jenny figures out about Aioshi... hehehe. Update soon, and don't forget to bug me to read it!

10/3/2004 c12 22Delphine Pryde
This is really, really, really cool!
9/19/2004 c12 AKY
Awesome story so far! XD Haha, I knew Aoshi was Sheldon.
9/13/2004 c12 Trinity7
Great chapter! Sorry I took so long to review. Of course I knew who Aoshi was... hey, it only takes the mask of a false identity to make someone brave. Sheldon is so sweet. But Aoshi is better, hehehe. The grunty stuff is a funny part of the chapter. And I like Jenny's mom a lot. Good work!

7/12/2004 c11 Trinity7
Finally, I read this! I like how you described the battles. Poor Kakera... getting her ass kicked by Alison... I mean Taka. I'm getting scared! Although I know she's going to be able to get back into the game somehow, based on the prolouge. Keep writing, damnit!

7/2/2004 c10 Trinity7
That's so great! I'm getting excited now... Hah, i like your pigeon extinction thing, plus how Taka talks. Hee hee. Now on to the next chapter!

6/11/2004 c9 Trinity7
Ek! That was awesome! Yay for Aoshi/Kakera more fluffiness! Still, only a kiss on the cheek? :( then again, the position they were in was...compromising to say the least. Also the fanclub thing was hilarious. They're cuh-ray-zee. And it's Allison! Yay! And she has a double bladed sword! *twirly twirly*

5/4/2004 c8 alphaskiier
This is very good. The very best chapter you have written so far. Is Kakera going to encounter Aura sometime? Well write more as soon as possible.
5/4/2004 c8 Trinity7
Ack! You put fluff in there too! Yay! I was just expecting Aoshi/Kakera awkwardness, but you stuck in some fluff at the end. *hugs the Jilly in gratitude*
I like the description of the battle alot. The virusy thing was cool. I take it the coma thing is from Legend of the twilight? Anyway, Cool battle.
Great chapter. My fave so far, I think.
5/4/2004 c7 alphaskiier
This is an interesting chapter. Who is that heavy axeman?
5/1/2004 c7 Trinity7
YAY! Great chapter. I love the ending. Not much else to say, I told you what I thought on the bus. Put up chapter 7, you should be done by noW! Muahahah.
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