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4/15/2004 c6 Anuenue
I get a very, very strange feeling that Aoshi is...well it might not be but it sounds so obvious! sheldon...aoshi...i'm gonna shut up now.
4/15/2004 c6 alphaskiier
Excellent chapter! Please make the next chapter as good as this one and write the next chapter soon!
4/15/2004 c5 alphaskiier
Very *very* good. Please write more asap.
4/7/2004 c4 alphaskiier
Very good chapter! Right now the best one you have. Please write the next chapter as soon as you can.
3/29/2004 c3 alphaskiier
Very good. Please write more as soon as you can.
3/22/2004 c2 alphaskiier
This looks very *very* good. Please write more ASAP.
3/19/2004 c2 Neo
Hey...nice...I like...although...I did notice in the prologue a couple of errors...just a couple of minor things, but you may wanna fix em up...cool though!
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