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2/10/2014 c1 Nick Johnson
I have a few questions to ask you. 1. Is there anything more to the plot? Its because I saw the summary for the fanfic? 2. When doe it take place? 3. Besides Serena, Darien, and the Sailor Scouts, who else is in the fanfic? 4. How old is everyone that is in it? 5. What level of power are the Sailors at in the fanfic? 6. How did they get to that level? 7. What was going on when the fanfic began? 8. Why would Darien break-up with Serena? 9. Why would the Sailors throw her out? 10. What would cause Darien and the scouts to do these things? Be sure to respond to this review. If you want, you can choose which ones you want to answer, and the rest can be answered later.

Nick Johnson
5/12/2007 c9 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
5/24/2006 c9 1GoOutBlazin
it was intersting. keep it up. when its done, it will be very good!
6/10/2005 c9 animerocksjapanrocks
This is good update soon. Luv rach
6/3/2005 c9 5Aleric
So they finally figured out that Serena has been posessed. But of course the exorcism wouldn't work. They were attacking the barrier when what they should have been doing was try to reach Serena inside.
6/3/2005 c9 2purplehues
An excorism so doesn't go like that. It's done by a priest who trained to do that. They have nothing in the room. and when you look in the mirror you see your face. When your possed your skin is pulled so tight that you can see your skull. Also to distract you sometimes they tell the people in the rooms sins. Demons can't stand being around anything holy. In the middle of the room they have a matterss. Also a table to put the priest on there. It takes years sometimes to excorise a demon.You shouldn't play with those board thigys because your opening yourself and a demon can come in. Demons try their best to not leave and if they see they're losing they'll try to kill the person. And one more thing they have more than one priest do in the event that one priest gets hurt they have another priest. Roman Catholic and Catholic people do this. I know because I go to a Catholic school.
6/3/2005 c1 3EmpressAuthor
I like that you didn't make Serena run away like most stories do. At the same time, the demon possession sort of came out of nowhere.
6/3/2005 c9 6celticas
why are you being so hard on serena? its just not fair! pleaase make her better soon
6/3/2005 c9 7Red-Rose18
I was just thinking the other day I wonder what ever happened with that story where Serena sued them and poof here is an update (maybe I'm psychic j/k) anyways I love the story it is taking quite an interesting turn. Please update soon
5/17/2005 c8 animerocksjapanrocks
This is good update soon.
5/12/2005 c8 6celticas
thats horribly. how could you do this to serena?
4/25/2005 c8 7Red-Rose18
great chapter update soon!
4/25/2005 c8 10AMI MIZUNO1
keep at it, good so far.
3/5/2005 c7 animerocksjapanrocks
This is good update soon. love Rachel.
2/25/2005 c7 6celticas
this story is awsome. please write more soon.
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