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11/19/2012 c12 11Michael Storm
I already know who the Follower is. It's obvious if you've read the Harry Potter books. They hate Harry more than anyone else in Hogwarts. Hinthint. Think about it.
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11/14/2007 c1 8Avatar Aang
It's really gud i like that you've passed on the power 3 to their children and the their a group of cousins i think that real cool
7/4/2007 c18 5Xanthie
OMG! Its finished! Thanks so much for emailing me. That was so thoughtful of you. It actually triggered me to read all of your stories! Anyway, for my review!

(Imagine I'm holding a big cardboard sign pacing in front of you..)


I just love it!

I'm on to review your other stories..
7/1/2007 c18 9Poseidon's Chickadee
Every memeber of the Halliwell is born with a WHAT?

There is a sequel right? Cause you can't leave it as this.

And another thing, Pru and Sev *Cackles*

Good Job!

And I am so glad Chris and Draco get there forever.

No two people deserve it more.
6/30/2007 c18 this story's biggest fan





i'm not a fan of slash at all though.

does Only Time have slash too?

I hope not.
2/7/2007 c17 Poseidon's Chickadee
Update please.
2/7/2007 c16 Poseidon's Chickadee
Pheonix ... I so should have guessed!

The clues you gave, can't believe I missed them. Prue, WAS the first to notice the girl.

For a second I thought she was evil when she asked for the book but I had dismissed her.

Wow, another Halliwell.

The only one left to be a mommy is Paige :-D

And with Remus ... good match by the way.

Speaking of matches, Harry, Ron and Chris are so wise and so sweet. Chris is just what Draco needs, in fact they are good for each other. And Ron .. aw

Pheobe had it in one, though, thinking of Harry would very much help Sabrina, I think.
2/7/2007 c15 Poseidon's Chickadee
2/7/2007 c14 Poseidon's Chickadee
Pheonix is Shadow then

She just ahs to be. Can't believe that Ron is Son, I suspected for five seconds but I agree with Hermione when he said nothing I was absolutely cemented in Chris ... Good distracting :-D

Goodness I hope that Pheobe, Philomena, doesn't do anything rash ...

And that is so cool you called her Philomena, Philomena is like the family saint. My dad's name is Philome and the Saint's name is my middle name and my brother's too :-D

So cool
2/7/2007 c13 Poseidon's Chickadee
The Guide is Lupin?

That means the fighter is Paget, or Paige ... or at least Paige is one of them. Well at least my conspiracy theory wasn't completely wrong.

I am so glad Draco is slowly remembering!

Now where is the Shadow? If she IS Ginny ...

And that's cool that you have one of your reviewrs in the story.

That is who Tamora is right? Or am I wrong?
2/7/2007 c12 Poseidon's Chickadee
The animal instinct thing .. great idea, just wanted to point that out :-)

And Oh boy ...
2/7/2007 c11 Poseidon's Chickadee
Oh shit
2/7/2007 c10 Poseidon's Chickadee
I was about to rant who was the Shadow when it hit me. A gryffindoric girl. And then you well showed her after not for a long while.

It's Ginny! Wow, poor Draco. lol

I wonder how the five of them are connected.

Chris (if the Son is Chris) and Sabs make sense and Hermione is connected to Sabs.

Ginny probably cause she's dating Wyatt and Herm likes her brother ... Oh and Draco would be for Chris right? That's the why I guess ... sorta but there is more to that why question. And How?

This is so cool!


And Drew aka Chris.

He's right ... she and Chris should bond.

Whether he is of the five or not.

It would make for interesting convos and be good for them both :-D

Last thing since I am reviewing as I write ...

What is with you? You and your EVIL Cliffies!

Where did that come from?

Outta NOwhere

At least Harry loves her. Damn tootin time too!
2/7/2007 c7 Poseidon's Chickadee

Ah! Why didn't see it BEFORE.

The voices Prue hears, maybe she's not closer to them than she is to her sisters. Maybe she is AS close. I had that feeling as soon as Hermione started hearing voices and called herself the Teacher and the Watcher introduced herself. I thought I was going crazy but I realized not more than usual, lol, when the Watcher started complaining about her mother :-)

Is the Son Chris? Who is the shadow?

The Guide is Leo right?

There are others but I don't remember their names, and Prue had three other female companions so they MUST be her sisters.

Am I wrong? Or is thisjust one of my many conspirancy theories lol



Pheobe may not have been able to laugh but I sure could.
2/7/2007 c6 Poseidon's Chickadee

Evil twin? Now I remember what I was gonna say. Evil twin?
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