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2/7/2007 c5 9Poseidon's Chickadee
Drew? Drew? Oh come on lol

And Pheonix, I knew as soon as she walked in ... her name is a bit strange even for a witch.

Something else I was gonna say but I forgot, lol

But go Mione
2/7/2007 c4 Poseidon's Chickadee
Yeah I noticed that you liked the Cliffies ... *Sighs*

Chris is bitter, Leo is a jerk ... and it fits. I love Leo I do, but it does fit.

Especially if you look at it from Chris' veiw point.

And how you wrote the teachers classes?

Pheobe and her crystals, Prue making history funner, Piper and her cat like relexes, Paige making them say Voldemort. It is how they would have done it. You've taken two different verses and made them your own (not literally of course but in the spirit of words and writing and imagination). That is the highest compliment I could give you :-D

Brava, I said before and I say it again.

Keep up the great work!

That's the highest co
2/6/2007 c1 Poseidon's Chickadee
O *claps hands together excitedly!* I think this is going to be up there as your best fic ever, I'd know since I've read most of them in one night.

Again I applaud you in the way you tie everything together and make it flow.

Three fandoms at once, brava

Paige Halliwell will be our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Piper Halliwell will be our new Potions professor. Prue Halliwell will be teaching History of Magic. Phoebe Halliwell will be the professor of Divination

And like I said in Only Time, you picked what fit each person well. Paige, did that superwitch stint in canon, Piper the chef, Prue causa Bucklands, and Pheobe well duh lol

So Chris is gay huh? :-D

Is Malfoy ever straight in your fics?

Guess I'll have to check the other ones to see lol

Umm, is this a sequal to Only Time?
12/17/2006 c17 Merrymow
I was wondering when you're going to update.
11/10/2006 c17 Phoenix5143
Wow. I mean, wow. So, finally wrapped the thing up, huh? At least the part about Voldemort. Well, you did good. Actually you were bordering on great there. May have crossed the line a few times. But man! Sabrina was actually helping Belthazor against the Cian Master when he went after Harry! I think it's cool that you used that as being part of the 'mate protection' instinct, or was it something else? Well, either way it was cool. And Phoenix using her empathy on Voldemort in the end...very nice touch. I also liked Prue protecting Phoenix and saying "Don't you dare touch my daughter". Such a Prue thing to say. And Snape! It seems to fit that Lockhart could be convinced he was a dog. I almost (once again, emphasis on almost) feel sorry for Snape. This was, on the whole, a very good chapter. You are still a great writer (though from what I see, this was posted seven months ago). Because of that time difference, I don't know when, or even if, you'll read this, but it'd be neat to see a kind of wrapping-up chapter. Or an epilogue of sorts. We need to see Harry and Sabrina blush when they realize they can actually be together! Besides, the wording of Harry's last spell almost made it seem (for a moment at least) like he was destroying Voldemort and undoing all his evils (a.k.a. murders) at the same time. I thought it'd be interesting to 'see' Lily and James come back and tell Harry how proud they were of him. But, all's just an idea I guess, until some accredited writer takes the time and effort to write it down...
8/8/2006 c17 1light goddess1493
you should really update soon. i absolutely love your stories. theyre so good! please update a.s.a.p.


from: a big fan

(i havent given up on you yet, and i wont.}
6/23/2006 c17 19BornToBeAWitch1989
Oh awsome so awsome are u gonna continue this story? i absoulty love it! good story and great imangination.
6/18/2006 c17 xanthie - too lazy to log in
wow! great story.. still hooked, dont worry. just didnt have the time to write a review... more please... thank you... i WILL be waiting. (if that isn't guilt enough for you...I'll think of something later...) *evilgrin*


(sorry just realized that i had caps on and i have no desire to rewrite the whole thing. also your chappie was good enough!.)
4/21/2006 c17 This Story's Biggest Fan

That was awesome.

You finally finished it. Or is it? I wish you would add more on, like an epilouge or what happens next.

Thank you so much for continuing. I know I said some rude things and I'm sorry but I wanted to know what hapened next.

Thank you so much.

This story's biggest fan again.
4/10/2006 c17 Embry
Cool story!
4/10/2006 c17 anassa aldara
I have read a lot of Harry Potter/Charmed crossovers, but this is definately one of my favorites. Please update again soon!
4/10/2006 c17 starcrossedlovers78
love this story, just discovered it! keep writing :)
4/9/2006 c17 Alanna Hrncir
Thanks for saying that about my name, its my real name actually and the best thing is that 'Hrncir' is Czech and I looked it up in the dictionary and it says 'potter' so my last name means Potter in English! ^.^. Very nicely done. With you biting off more than you can chew- stay calm and take your time. People may rush you but hey they can shut their mouths. just take your time in finishing anything you do. its no good to rush and not have it well done.
I NEED more! Also can u tell us what Melissa's real name is? TY!
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