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for A New Hope

12/13/2018 c1 Brave Chaser
Now that's funny!
9/15/2015 c1 1eecobeo
Well this was a fun reading
9/23/2011 c1 PBIceCream
That was quite amusing, thank you!
2/12/2010 c1 creation17024
That was fun! That was really creative and it would be neat if the Voyager writers could have done something really similar just to be smart. Tongue in cheek.
7/29/2009 c1 79Haiza Tyri
That was great. Though I see Tom Paris as more of a Han Solo-type than a Luke Skywalker-type. But quite funny.
12/18/2008 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
A great story. Very funny.
8/19/2008 c1 75Katty008
I can totally see this. Really, I can. Harry can be so clueless at times!
2/16/2007 c1 54happychica
Haha, so them!
2/17/2006 c1 52ndHandGuitar
Pfft. Han Solo IS a young dashing man, Harry.

Kudos :)

7/22/2005 c1 EllaJ.W
best. crossover. ever. bwahaha...
6/24/2004 c1 42Lioness-Goddess
Very original, I must say. Pretty funny, too.
3/28/2004 c1 stubbles
oh my god. that was hilarious. i Loved that last line "one more shot at the death star, then we can hunt some orc"! fantastic!
very cute
3/23/2004 c1 Fey
Absolutely loved it! Laughed the whole way through!
3/23/2004 c1 wingsfan
This was a lot of fun!
I think this is the first story I have ever read where there's a crossover that works. It was very good!

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