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9/14/2006 c10 Me

I thought you abandoned it I was so sad! :'(

But now I'm happy =D


byes for nows
8/26/2006 c9 Emillie
Loved it! Write more soon!
8/17/2006 c9 erika
please i really like your story but whu you dont continon?
8/16/2006 c9 Me
What! Dont just leave it like that! I Must Know What Happens!


8/13/2006 c9 1Emi-Bum
hey, its really hard to find a hermione centric x-men fanfic so thatnks for writing.

please update soon.



7/24/2006 c9 4Lovelinelivelong639
i like the storie

but i must say that gambit (spelling) is a good guy not a bad one

i like it all the same

i hope that harry and hermione become friends again



7/17/2006 c9 dmweasley
Love the story so far. Anything with the Potterverse and X-Men is fine by me! If you need a beta, let me know. Send me an e-mail via my author's page if you'd like.
7/14/2006 c1 2Bad Wolf Jen
6/11/2006 c9 Whatsupcanuk
huzzah! You have combined two things I love! Harry Potter and X-men! Awsome idea, good things: Pyro is awsome go with the aussie, aussie Piro is so cool. I love Gambit definatly go Rouge/Gambit. Are you going to add Voldemort in here that would be so cool if Voldemort and Magneto were to team up or something. Then the mutant community and the wizarding world would have to co-operate and bring down their foe together! (this is just my imagination taking off I'm sure you've got some good plans brewing) a little bit of constructive critasism Magneto seems a little ooc, I dunno I kind of picture him as a sort of cheezy Darth Vader kind of figure (use the force pietro!) He just needs more rage I think. Oh and you definatly need to work on developing Harry's character I think after all he is the boy who lives. Love that he can go invisible though so much irony in that. Invisibility cloak psh who needs that piece of junk. Right so this was long, I enjoy the story, keep at it!
6/11/2006 c1 thealphamale
Hah! The thought of Ron being good looking is laughable! He is goofy looking in the book and in the movies. Other than that, it is a fantastic story, don't stop writing it. Oh, and do something painful to Ron.
6/4/2006 c2 3Merci's Savior
Sorry got cut off. Anyway I was saying that 'it doesn't matter if she doesn't like it because one, she's a poser (look at her profile) of a goth, she's a cheap imitation of goth rather she is an EMO, also remind her that Kelly Clarkson and Good Charlotte are not gothic music nor will they ever be. Also kindly state that if she thought that your story was so bad then why did she read two chapters of it and review? Cheers

6/4/2006 c1 Merci's Savior
Alright! You mentioned me! YAY! Okay that last bit was not there when I sent it to you! What happened? Alright then, since I'm your beta you have to respect me (lol jks) but first off the last bit has so many grammar mistakes that I'm horrified, second of all, it uses different tense to the rest of the chapter which makes it seem completely out of place.

Also since you are rewriting your story I suggest taking down the rest of the chapters so people who actually want to follow the story will get updates when you change a chapter. Another thing no offence but is invisibility the only power Harry is gonna have cos if it is, it just doesn't seem right, he has a wand and can make himself invisible with that or his invisibility cloak. It seems like a waste of a power...anyway I was wondering if you sent back a PM to that Xbloodyrists6X

person. If not I suggest that you write bak that since she doesn't seem intelligent enough you actually spell words correctly or to constructively criticise your work then it doesn't matter if
5/31/2006 c2 Too Lazy To Login
I'm sorry, but I just couldn't get past chapter 2. The chapters are very (very) short but I just couldn't do it. What your story is missing is good discriptive writing, voice, fluency. If it was sent to any publisher in the world they would send it back because it's lacking reality before they realized it was a fanfic. You do too much telling instead of showing, and the characters don't have any depth to them. Pretend that we don't know much or even anything about these characters when going to write about them. It may help.
5/27/2006 c2 XXXbloodyrists666XXX
U SUK!1 go 2 hel u fokeng sipsit!1
5/27/2006 c1 XXXbloodyrists666XXX
fuk u!1 datz da stupidest shit iv eva red!11 U SUK!1 go fuk urself bich!1
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