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5/27/2006 c1 1SongofthePast


5/4/2006 c14 2Makotochi
Since Roberto is Brazilians would he speak Portuguese?
5/4/2006 c14 anon
i love this story so far you really have to update v. soon or i will try to take over the world with my evil machine gun wielding chikons ( try and guess where i got the quote from tee hee hee)
4/1/2006 c14 5CrimsonAngel1992
why dose manneto whant hermione and please please tell if it is a HHR
2/5/2006 c14 alayneni
Wow it has been some time since I read this story. Hope you update soon.
2/4/2006 c14 6chipped-nails
Hey this is a really interesting story I have never read a cross-over like this before. Can't wait for more! Thank you for reviewing my story! C.N
12/22/2005 c2 5HAD0W
Your a good writer but don't write it like 'Hermione is', write it like 'Hermione was'

Also when writing subjects like Charm add an 's' on the end and then it will make the writing smother to read...

remember you are a good writer!
12/5/2005 c12 2KaiyeInternational
I agree with some of your reviewers. Pyro and Hermione all the way! Heryo! Or something that sounds a bit better. WO!1
12/5/2005 c13 KaiyeInternational
Great job! I can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon! XD
11/21/2005 c12 Salazar Slytherin's Heir
I love this story please update.
11/18/2005 c12
when r u gonna rite the next chapter
11/18/2005 c13 alayneni
Great story. In terms of ships definitly Harry/Hermione! Though I wouldn't mind if Gambit also hit on HErmione. I absolutely adore him. But I don't want him with Rogue. Ever since she turned her back on him I hate her. Even though in the comic they are back together I still don't like her. For some reason, I think Physlocke and Gambit would be so cute together. You can put Bobby with Rogue. That would be good. I so hate Bobby. I am neither here nor there on Pyro. Truth be told I never heard of Pyro until the movies. Oh what about Kurt. I hope you put him in. AS well as Wolverine. I think he will be a great model for Harry. Also Gambit should give Harry advice on how to get with Hermione. But first they have to drive Harry insane with Jealousy!
11/18/2005 c4 3Merci's Savior
Okay, first thing, with fanfiction it is like writing a book the way you want it to happen so you would write your story the way you would want it published so words like b4 and u don't go very well with your story. Also I have to say that the tense of the story makes it hard to read. I'm not being mean I am just stating the obvious. I suggest that you get a beta reader, prefferably one who is both a avid Harry Potter and X-men fan. It's not a bad plot you just need to work on the way you have set it out. You also need to work on explaining paragraphs a bit better, like for one explaining why Ron had hoards of girls always hanging around him and why Harry would only hex people instead of talking. If it is possible I am wondering if I could be your beta reader as I am both a Harry Potter and X-men fan and I have to say though that pyro is a cool character but he just destroys the Australian image that I believe I should live up to. He sounds like an American who has never heard an Australian speak before. Anyway if you agree to me being your beta reader please e-mail me at Thanks.

11/17/2005 c12 Jarno
Nice crossover but I think Harry's powers are stupid. He can become invisible: that's magic, Dumbledore can do that too. He can act like a chameleon, easily don't by magic too. For powers I would take something like well Hermione's power would be a good start: lightening bolt on his for head. Being able to controll all elements would be explainable for Harry: fire: he's a gryffindor through and through, air: he's the best flyer, earth: color of his eyes, lighening: his scar the only thing I don't know something for would be water, maybe the second task or so.

For pairing I would take Harry/Hermione. Ow yeah Hermione is a year older then Harry so she would be 17 while Harry is 16 in this story.
7/19/2005 c12 ban'yamuwoezu
hi hi cool story
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