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7/9/2005 c11 Every Light has darkness
HARRY/HERMOINE! the others I dont care about much good story :) :D ^_^0
7/9/2005 c6 Every Light has darkness
Is Harry able to be invisible
7/5/2005 c4 2SalanTrong
on websites such as this people tend to not use webspeach in their stories. it may be easier to type, but it's alot harder to read.
6/13/2005 c12 1silver gaze
harry should Have something with fire...or fire like. since if u look at the covers for half-blood prince there r those flames. just an idea...
6/3/2005 c12 3BelleRaev
oh c'mon guys, the chapter is that bad. two reviews.
6/2/2005 c12 1Wytil
I can't imagine how you could be away from a computer for 3 months. It's bad enough being away while in the hospital for a month.
You must have Romy goodness. I love Romy. Yay Romy. Romy is the pairing of Remy and Rogue. You should also put in some Elektra/Pyro. What should they be called Hero Hyro Pektra Elekro umm what else Jerm Heron. Which one do you like best. If you have any others please tell me i need to come up with a name for this pairing. And above all else remember

Keep On Truckin'
4/8/2005 c13 1HecateDeMort
3/15/2005 c13 1amrawo
harry/hermione and what about shadow for harry. really good story so far i like it a lot! update soon!
2/24/2005 c13 1silver gaze
I'm for either one of Hermione/John or Hermione/Harry. (I'm more for John at the moment) I want Gambit/rouge too. But please don't make kitty get w/ Harry. I don't know why I just don't. Post soon!
2/23/2005 c13 3BelleRaev
just three more reviews and i'll update
2/22/2005 c13 5LadySonics
Good Chapter but why are you redeeming Pyro? That's like redeeming Draco. Harry-obviously-is my favorite character, can you at least make him stronger? He wouldn't even be rated an Low Alpha level with just invisibilty.

Hmm... Harry's name? Are you basing his name from his powers or his other abilities like magic or possible animagi? I would personally go with something Dark like maybe Shade or Shadow since he has the ability to blend into anything.

Is Harry going to be an Assasin? I only see his mutant power as only passive and the only way he would be able to use it agressively and offensively is if he used it for spying and sneaking in for the kill as that would be his only use to the Xmen.
2/21/2005 c13 msava
yo beka I just read your update and i'm liking the direction its going in. Bek I got writers block and I mean major I don't know what powers liz should have Help. -Esha-

2/21/2005 c13 9Hermione Graner Potter
12/16/2004 c12 3Nehfi-Tirri
Great storie ;D... I really think it's brilliant, keep on the great style... as for the Hp/Hg paring I think it would be more cool is they get together with some from X-men...
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