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8/16/2004 c11 Mr. I. Knowitall
bobby? as in Bobby Drtake A.K.A THE ICEMAN? right. don't forget to put wolverine in there too. keep going. update soon.
8/15/2004 c11 5Gryffindor620
But see why Hermione HAD to be the only dumbass(even though she's far from it) to move?

Great Chapter!

Update Soon Son!
8/15/2004 c11 1JessAlba
The story is good so far. I like Hermione's new name. It's cool. UPDATE SOON
8/15/2004 c11 MysticalSpirits
Good job, but I suggest longer chapters and use of capitalization. Did I already ask to be your beta? I don't quite was so long ago...
8/15/2004 c11 9Hermione Graner Potter
Great chapter!
7/10/2004 c10 3coolone007
nice time for ahrry to be mad a2 Hermione. Noe that she is missing he will have the guilt of not apologizing.
7/9/2004 c10 5Gryffindor620
Why did Hermione move?

Great Chapter!

Update Soon Son!
7/9/2004 c10 9Hermione Graner Potter
Great chapter! Keep going!
7/8/2004 c10 MysticalSpirits
freaky...but continue! um...this might seem a bit forward, but would you like me to be your beta reader? a beta's an editor. you email me chapters, i fix them up so its all grammatically correct, and i send it back to you. my email's:

email me if you get the chance, even if you're declining my offer.

please email me and continue soon!
5/24/2004 c9 3coolone007
From my understanding each dorm room does have a lavatory. I do noty thinbk they have offices. IF they did why would they spend all the time in the common room and the great hall studying? When is the jet going to show up? Another question once Harry and Hermione find out they are mutens will the school hate them for being 'freaks' as the muggles would call mutants?
5/23/2004 c9 9Hermione Graner Potter
Great chapter!
5/20/2004 c8 MysticalSpirits
suggest romance soon! and also someone (like scott or someone) at the academy likes herm too
5/20/2004 c8 1JessAlba
This story is so cool. continue quickly and u should've given harry something like wolverine and make hermione have Jean's powers so she can take her place. Great story keep writing
5/20/2004 c8 9Hermione Graner Potter
Great chapter! Keep going really soon! JEAN DOES COME BACK AS THE PHINEOX! Sorry just had to state that fact!
5/19/2004 c8 3Mr. Happy Java Man
Hey no problem. i look forward to seeing what Harry's ability is. And I hope you update soon.
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