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4/21/2004 c6 Li-chan
Poor Hermione. Good chapter-looks like the next one will be too! Hope to read it soon ^^
4/20/2004 c6 g3tog4 unlogon
good story but need to have longer chapters
4/19/2004 c6 Anonymus
For Harry's powers you might consider something like Scarlet Witche's (Wanda's) and Dr. Srange's powers, related to magic. And you might want to work on your grammer and please stop using short froms like 4 for 'for' and y for why. Only suggesting, its up to you, otherwise the story is going good, even if the chapters are a little short.
4/18/2004 c6 1JessAlba
This story is really cool. I like it. And I think you did a really good job with Harry's insult to Hermione it was really mean. Please Hurry with the next chapter.
4/18/2004 c6 3coolone007
Hermione/Draco EW!
4/18/2004 c6 3chris-warren876
very nice so far, and I did give you a power for harry : ( anyways dont rush, but update soon. dont take as long as I have for my story, and try not to get writers block, nasty thing it is ^_^
4/18/2004 c6 9Hermione Graner Potter
Nice chapter! Poor Hermione! Please contuine really soon!
4/17/2004 c5 3coolone007
I hope you update soon
4/15/2004 c5 Li-chan
I like the ideas of the triangle, and Hermione with fire abilities-I can actually picture that. I'm not sure about Harry-electricity perhaps? Or something that matches his personality that you have given him in this fic...any power really, as long as it is not a copy of another mutant's power, I think Harry should have his own power. Great story, I'm looking forward to reading more ^^
4/13/2004 c5 Jessica
Jean/Scott Hermione/Harry Good story.
4/13/2004 c5 7kay wiz
hm...i like the whole pyro/hermione/harry idea, but i think a cyclops/hermione/harry thing would be better...but i guess scott(cycolps)'s with jean, so o well. maybe he admits hermione's pretty or decide. maybe hermione's power could be controlling animals or plants or electricity or something. like how pyro controls fire. she cant create it but she can mold it into place. i know you're trying to get harry to take a while, but i suggest he always liked hermione, but is just too araid of his feeling so hes more bratty and stuff. but i bet you have everything planned out already, so i'll just wait for more!
4/13/2004 c5 Moonwalker
Maybe you could make it so that Harry's powers clash with Hermione's like ice and fire. Ice especially because Harry seems very cold in your story. I like it so far but I would like it if the chapters were longer. I hope that this stays a Harry/Hermione fic since they are my favorite couple. ^.~
: That was a lot ^^; :
4/13/2004 c5 1JessAlba
I dont know what you should do for Harry. But I like your Hermione idea. Maybe you should let Harry go with Kitty.
4/13/2004 c5 3chris-warren876
PLEASE DONT MAKE THAT HAPPEN! Im a big H/H fan and the P/H idea makes me what to puke. Please dont make it like that, i hate love triangles, dispise them, because then your breaking someones heart in the end, think how harry acted in the end of the 5th book, think how bad a mutant harry temper tantrum would be for the world, it wouldnt be very good. Like i said i would hate to see a pyro and hermione story, so the firestarter thing is kinda of...weird. Harry, i dont really know maybe like a battery of somesort...kinda like he can suck up energy and shoot it back out at things...Please though NO Pyro/Herms romance, Please! Im kinda of a hypocrite though i story isnt a h/h but hermione doesnt have a romance ^_^ therefore no love triangle ^_^ anyways update soon, hopefully w/o a p/h romance ^_^
4/12/2004 c4 3coolone007
Casting spells in the main hall? Not a good sign. I foresee amny points being deducted from Gryffendore.
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