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2/23/2019 c7 Guest
Thanks for the pronunciation at the beginning I was having trouble getting it correct
1/12/2019 c29 PositivelyPositive
Writer, you are an amazing being! I read this, an oh, the emotions you set forth. it was a beautiful experience that had me in tears at the very end. I am glad that I had the opportunity to read this and experience your words. Have a long and happy life, Writer!
12/31/2018 c29 2Rumblesbabygirl21
This was a wonderful story I read the whole thing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I like how you portrayed Starscream and Alexis relationship.
6/24/2017 c6 bloodbloomprime
I would like to use Kiaudica for one of my fanfics if you would let me, i have an AU where all cybertronians are human, and she comes back through my OC Electra Smith.
11/18/2015 c4 TaylorKicklighte
why would starscream save alexis from the hole.
7/9/2015 c1 Taylor kicklight
I think starscream should fall in love with alexis because they like each other so much.
6/18/2015 c29 jessica
It was a great story,and,with the changes from the show,created a story that i continued to read.I sat three days on the computer non-stop trying to finish reading the story and find out what they planned with defeating Unicron.
10/17/2014 c1 OptimusPrimegirl213
Iv been trying to see what year this one is keep up the good work loving it
6/19/2014 c29 Guest
Via Perfecto
I legit.
1/26/2014 c5 Fact sphere
Did you know that there is a man with two hearts
6/26/2013 c29 7Mediziner
Well... As you've requested me to do so back on DeviantART... I'm not exactly sure where to start... I'm not really much of a man of words... But... I really have fallen in love with this Story and the relationship forming between Starscream and Alexis. :)

...Though what sort of bothered me is that I often wondered if Starscream only fell in love with Alexis because of his past love, Klaudica, residing inside of her... Or something... Other than that, it's just my confusion... I'm still not fully understandable with words, but more of action...

Pushing that aside, by Primus, I absolutely love how you added in some of the Generation 1 Characters! This made me smile big time as I reread this all over again! :) I loved Seaspray and Powerglide the most. XD Along with Jazz, Tracks, and Blaster!

I'm terrible with words... Hence the reason I never preview because I'm shy as hell... But this Story has made me smile nonetheless.
4/9/2012 c3 6Morgan Nicholas Maric
I will love you (as an internet friend) forever because of this chapter. If I was a cybertronian, and I ever met Thrust, I would literally rip his wings off and shove him off the summit of MT. Everest for what he did in 'Crack'. If Starscream hadn't rejoined the Decepti-dorks, he would have survived, Optimus wouldn't have died in the first place, and a lot of crap could have been avoided. I'm a Starscream fan, hence my nickname, so as I said, I loved this.
6/12/2011 c29 mon armore
I have enjoyed every bit of this story! You are so talented. I have never pictured Starscream to be so romantic! I felt as though I was right there. I was so jealous of alexis. She actually had a man who could be rough and touch when in battle, and be soft and gentle with her. I adore that so much!
12/25/2010 c29 13creativesm75
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