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11/12/2005 c1 7Resentment
Lol. I like your beginning. Very creative!
7/12/2005 c3 1SavingAngel8
That would be an excellent idea! great chapter! UPDATE SOON!
7/6/2005 c3 jfdasklfdnamjn
good job,

update asap

7/1/2005 c3 4Immortal Cavechick
Hey! Omg i love this story! I swear i was crying i was laughing so hard! now i'm feeling a bit high... well if you still want my e-mail (if i havent given it to you cuz i'm blonde and cant remember what i had for breakfast)


much luv,

7/1/2005 c3 3Ayame Ito
Aww...it;s getting so good! i can't wait for the next chapter...please UPDATE SOON!
7/1/2005 c2 21adreus
This stpry is funny. I like Draco in the begginning and ending. Whats the happy dance? lol

UPdaTE soON!
6/28/2005 c2 jfdasklfdnamjn
hahaha, funny a/n's! lol, anyways...good chapter..JUST TO SHORT! plz make longer! And update real soon! plz!

6/28/2005 c2 Immortal Cavechick
*pouts* it wont let me review... it says i already reviewed for this chapter... i didnt... it must have been when you up dated chapter 1... oh well...

i miss my draco... i stole him first!

you have to get online some time... i'm dying of boredom... wait... i cant die... oh bloody hell... i think i just will have to get getto on someone's bum... *looks at fw*

great story go on and write more!

much luv,

6/28/2005 c1 2SkyQuill
Serious, hah, I get it. Laughing my butt off here, 'yes dad i'm ok". lol
6/25/2005 c1 jfdasklfdnamjn
Cool, this is real interesting! plz update asap, this is pretty cool, interesting plot...keep writing! plz plz plz update! now!

6/25/2005 c1 SuperChibis
that was hilarious i hope you write more chapters!bye
6/25/2005 c1 dirrty Dancer
'tis sort of lame.
6/3/2005 c2 4Immortal Cavechick

please please please write more!

i beg of you! this story is so out there and original! i would have never thought of that! please please pleas write more! for the love of God(s)!

much luv,

7/16/2004 c1 9Memories-fadee
Good chapter... i like ur "serious" JOKE
6/6/2004 c2 I love Draco Malfoy
I have to know what happeneds next, it's a very good start. Update soon please
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