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for The Edge of Darkness

6/24/2004 c3 Stargate Freak
Good story, you have me hooked, can't wait for the next chapter! :)
6/24/2004 c3 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Great chapter.
5/3/2004 c2 6pent-up-dragon
I am pretty confused at this point, but please continue so that I can become ... un-confused! :)
Good work!
4/9/2004 c2 29Starbuck223
A really good story, really well written, and completely addicting! You've got me 100% hooked, so you'd better continue soon! Love the Trek references as well as the story! :) Way to make an awesome debut on ffn!
4/8/2004 c1 4Delores Wilson
the story is cool... despite me havigna bsolutely no idea who anyone is or their relations or anything (sorry but i dont watch stargate, will people get over this already?) your fic is good... now write some about ppl i know!
4/8/2004 c2 23angelofstargatesg-1
This is good! oh and welcome to fanfiction! i hope you feel at home here; we're kind of like a family!
4/8/2004 c2 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good story.
4/7/2004 c2 11BlueJello86
‘Seriously? They look like an early prototype for the Star Trek uniforms but there’s less of them!’ said Daniel as he tried to work out where exactly you were expected to put your head.
LMAO! i love the way u add the humor and the serious bits - just like the show. tis looking really good, you way good at the despcrptive bits and stuff. luvya!
3/30/2004 c1 BlueJello86
i admit it, i was worried you were going to go for the sam/dan angle but you've redeemed yourself. This isn't just a stand alone story is it *she says having heard u tlk about other chapters* so what you waiting for - get writing bitch! Seriously this is really god stuff, never knew you cud write so gd - kinda makes me wish i hadnt just pretended to read your stuff all tose times in english ;) toodles
3/29/2004 c1 Beautiful Kat
I'm she actually dead or jus unconsciouce? ooh well dun my lovely, u do well. but damn depressing! and wots wit the rotting flesh?i have a feeling i dont want to know... neway well done! (see i like it really!)
3/28/2004 c1 10DonEmilia
Oh No! That was so sad! Please do a sequel where Jack rescues her - sad endings make me cry! lol Well done any way, it was really good!
3/27/2004 c1 75macisgate
Whoa! Awesome beginning! Welcome to I can hardly wait to read more of this story, so please continue soon!

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