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for The Patriot Parody

5/8/2014 c5 Loki lover
Omg I'm dying of hilariousness!
11/17/2012 c5 Guest
mwhaahahhahaahaha this is my re...VENGE (ima little tease watch what i doo) heres a little taste of how its gonna be from now on nananananananananananananana nananan nananananananaannananananana WHOO!
11/17/2012 c1 Guest
i love this already!
1/16/2010 c5 20MoonageDaydream23
And that, my dear, is how the movie should have ended XD This was AMAZING, and so full of my own opinions about the movie 3 Especially about Tavvy... m... 3 That man is sexier than he has any right to be, I swear. When he gets injured and I'm too busy staring at his luscious ass to be upset about it, he's not allowed to be that hot XD
5/6/2008 c6 LadyMoriannaMalfoy
OMG! *rolls on floor laughing so hard* if it's not to much to ask can I share some tavy with you? he's to yummy to keep to yourself!
1/24/2008 c6 15Bardess of Avon
Hey, as long as I get some Tavington, I don't mind sharing!
1/24/2008 c5 Bardess of Avon
Need I say more? Oh, there's an amr hanging from that tree...

"Yeah, just lemme kill Tavington real quick..."

"Nice shot." "Shut up." "No really, nice shot."

"Mel, it's not that serious. We're only actors."

Haha, I'm loving it!
1/24/2008 c4 Bardess of Avon
"Benjamin, he stinks!" (gasp)

"We shall trick Cornwallis and prove he is stupid as he is fat!"

"Dude, wrong movie."

"And now I shall ask a stupid question and drudge up painful memories for DeLancey!"

"Look, the British are coming!" "We're coming!"

"1 Mississippie..."
1/24/2008 c3 Bardess of Avon
"Oh, yes! You're the farmer! With the farm."


"Rock, paper, scissors to determine who shall tell him."

"My belief is that they turned our officers into scarecrows using some sort of..."

"Hmm...(touches candle) Owie!"

"Maybe she's so happy...she can't speak!"

"I've got candy!"

Tavington is sitting by a babbling spring, shirt down...How many of your fantasies have started like *that*?
1/24/2008 c2 Bardess of Avon
"Hello, I'm Cornwallis, quite a puff pasty of a man."

"How many did you get?" (Holds up jar of fireflies)

"B-b-but what about my fireflies?"

"BARK! BARK" (Squeals all girly-like) "DOGGIES!"

"I must look good!" "Sir, I accidentally burned your coat."

"I hear horsies."

So I take it you're going by the script? Nice.
1/24/2008 c1 Bardess of Avon
*laughs insanely and hysterically and a bunch of fun adjectives*


I never do this, but I am going to review every chapter! Why? Because I want to point out my favorite lines ;)

"I've got a lovely bunch of envelopes and postcards, de-de-de..."

"Yay! A war!" "You can't go."

"Err...Look! Lee is streaking!" "Where?" "Mwahaha!"

"Now that my father is too far away to hear, now I shall say my farewell."

"Look, horsies!"

9/1/2007 c6 15the Icelandic sheep
Oh, so true, so true. I was lauging my ass of at some of the more dramatic, patriotisms, tearful moments that made every true American be filled with pride for their own country. The only reason I actually watched it was because I knew Jason Isaacs was in it... you got the story line quite well! ^^
8/26/2007 c1 4damariss
I can't, can't even put into words how hard this makes me laugh! This has to be one of the best parodies ever. For instance, these lines which will be immortalized as English classics :

Gabriel: This one dude joined the militia.

Benjamin: So.

Gabriel: He is younger than I and also less radiant.

AH! Haha, stupid Gabriel. This story is hilarious. Could you do some more for other movies. And seriously, this story doesnt have enough reviews! It should be mandatory that everyone who frequents the Patriot section read this. Thanks for a great laugh.
5/13/2007 c5 amoxxx
i loved this, i could not stop laughing! very well written! Loved the ending!
1/29/2007 c6 3Adusiriel
Dude, I totally love this. The Patriot is one of my favourite movies ever, and I knew it had potential to be hilarious, and you realized that potential! Great job. Thanks for the laugh.

~ Adusiriel
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