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for Sesshomaru's Red Eyes

7/30/2015 c33 ImMyOwnBoss
5/12/2014 c33 karen1025
hi, do you have another place where this story is still being updated? (or is that just a wishful dream of mine)
4/20/2013 c13 1NewtonianLaw134
It is tou-san
4/20/2013 c10 NewtonianLaw134
Go session chan show her,who's boss... Just don't get hit...
4/20/2013 c4 NewtonianLaw134
4 in a row you fucking Cruel bitch/bastard
12/17/2012 c26 2Bloodywaterfall
oh shit there back both go die in ditch and let the girls and sides of fluffy be happy
12/16/2012 c25 Bloodywaterfall
aaawwww hes proposing isnt he make her say yes
12/16/2012 c23 Bloodywaterfall
oooooooooo sexy Battousi eh oh man slayer come over here
12/15/2012 c21 Bloodywaterfall
hell yeah now kagome can be with BATTOUSI yeah yeah yeah
12/13/2012 c19 Bloodywaterfall
ooh lala i love it so far make manslayer mate kagome make her inmortal and they shalll live happily ever after the end lol there no such thing as happy ending some thing will go wrong oooooh i know kill inuyasha by kikyo taking him to hell
12/11/2012 c15 Bloodywaterfall
shit shit shit shit why was he marking her instead of me damn it lol jkjk
12/10/2012 c9 Bloodywaterfall
your never to great to be called fluffy sesshy
12/9/2012 c5 Bloodywaterfall
whos emotions?
12/9/2012 c4 Bloodywaterfall
will he kiss her?lol
8/20/2012 c5 Guest
You are perfect for sesshomaru I bet if you hang out with him a bunch Rin might start calling you mommy or ambiguous sister .
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