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for Sangre y Sacrificio

2/3/2013 c4 6starmienight
I hope you update soon!
6/26/2011 c4 Guest
I love this story, I usually read kagsxinu fics but this one has gotten me

out of my typical reading habits but i'm really sad cause i have only just noticed that you haven't updated in 5 years and I highly doubt you'll update because of my review ;(
1/15/2011 c4 11Sacred Miko Hime
This is good! I can''t wait to see what happens next. Please update soon.
5/24/2010 c4 My Hero Academia fan 30
So what happens next?
11/1/2008 c4 Vampiregirl
plzz update soon i reall like this fanfic
10/1/2008 c4 2sarayuy06
I like the plot and the way you write, there are a few places that you forgot to put words, but other than that this is great, keep up the good work.
8/14/2008 c4 7mysteriousmaidenwarrior
Your story is one of a kind. Will Kagome find happiness? Will she die? Will Yoko do his part? I would appreicate it if you would update if not let someone else adopt your story
4/25/2008 c4 kkk
please please update soon! great story! i really like how you put youko to be so...um...hateful? towards kagome. can't wait to see the drastic change in his attitude towards her later. will be looking forward to how you'll make that change natural. ^^ please update soon!
12/23/2007 c4 Hikairi
this is really good. you are an amazing writer. keep up the good work, i hope to hear from you soon
10/9/2007 c4 12OhBrother
OH! please continue soon! i'm really looking forward to it! hope you update soon!

9/26/2007 c4 angel19872006
please update soon
9/7/2007 c4 Kagome Minamino xox
please update soon! i must know what happends next!
7/31/2007 c4 kawaii-miko
update soon its realy good
2/12/2007 c4 1sofi'schoice
OMG That Was AMAZING seriously PLEASE DONT DROP THIS FANFIC this is such a brilliant fanfic please dont leave it like this it DESERVES an ending you are an amazing writer please dont stop writing PLEASE DONT LEAVE THIS FIC its going in a great direction and no one will care that its been so long and I personaly wl be shedding tears of happiness please I love your writing voice its spectacular your particular style of writing is like a beautilful song htplows perfectly all it needs is an ending PLEASE it dosnt have to be anytime soon just alittle at a time hell if you dont wanna write anymore I dont blame you bu at least see that your story is in a position that it will have a chance to be completed even if you pass it to someone else it wuld be wonderful if you could do it yourself but if you think its too much give it to someone that you trust will give it an ending it deserves look around just please dont end it like that if you ever need a cowritter to help you if you he a block or anything there are plently and a new perspective will help more tan you realize just PLEASE IM SERIOUSLY BEGGING YOU PLEASE DONT DROP IT if you ever wanna talk about it I have yahoo and my username is the same: Kagome093 I'll be happyto help in any way i can :)
12/16/2006 c4 blahs
update soon please!

its really interesting!
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