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for Sailor Moon meets the Transformers

11/19/2005 c3 2SpartanCommander
This is pretty impressive.

You seemed to merge the two worlds very well.

Know that the Transformers do carry an artifect that can rival the powers of the silver crystal (obviasly the Matrix of leadership you know the thing that has the downloaded memories and personalities of every autobot leader on Cybertron)

I wonder if one of the Sailor's ememies would try to make a deal with the Decepticons to help eliminate their enemies in exchange for energy. But that is unlikely.

I wonder how the other Senshi is going to take the fact that there is something of earth that they did not know about. (Especialy the time girl who's name escapes me at the moment and rini)
8/25/2005 c2 ten-faced knight
Nice! The fight scene with Megatron is pretty cool. Nice work. I can't wait for chapter four.
6/4/2005 c3 9mystlady
Nice fic, well written lots of action too. You obvioulsy know your crossover stuff. This was an awesome read. Although. I dont know too much about transformer but I've seen the show for abit. Hats to you.
3/10/2005 c3 ten-faced knight
I really like how the storylines of the two anime go together. What I really want to know is how the sailor scouts managed to trash the insecticons, but got their butts kicked by Soundwaves crew.
11/9/2004 c2 11Fk306
please update soon since now u at least have 2 people who want u to continue so please please please update soon i really want to continue reading this and i cant if u dont update so please update soon
11/6/2004 c3 Fk306
please update soon im a transformers fan and im also a sailor moon fan so pkeae update soon please im begging u
4/6/2004 c2 Anonymousandnameless
No reviews? Well, at least you know I enjoyed it. Try not to get discoruaged and keep up the good work.
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