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6/11/2007 c12 Miss.Cena
U should qrite a story about Adam and Gail about after their adventure with the crew on the train like were they live ,is Gail pregnant again :)
5/14/2005 c12 respectheundertaker
that was a good story. good job. but it would of been better if you had put more detail into it. but still it was a good story.
8/23/2004 c12 1Sign Silence
kool kool kool kool i would hav neva guessed it
8/19/2004 c12 2Rationa
Wow. That was a harsh chapter. I loved the story. Keep writing more stories!
7/4/2004 c12 wwefanatic92
i luv this story! It was so sad! Please make a sequel. So Mark was the father. Bizzare. Please make a sequel. PRETTY PLEASE!
6/21/2004 c12 27Milou
WOH! I didnt took time to review each chapter because i was dying to know what would happen! This really was one of the most original ideas ive seen up here! You made me laugh, cry in the same time. This was extremely beautifully written! I hope you have more ideas like this in store for us because I cant get enough! Excellent job, be sure ill stick around !
5/31/2004 c12 Bccw8aol.com
Wow! I loved this story. It was really good.Why does it have to end! LOL. But anyway good job, I added it to my fav. stories.
5/31/2004 c12 AliciaBouvier
I'm glad to help out. I loved the ending, I was expecting that. So Mark's the reason Gail is pregnant. It was a good story. I hope you make more like. Please keep up the good work.

5/30/2004 c12 10Ayda666
O_O oki, this is the last thing I expected... that's why... oh man, you just surprised me even more now than in the other chapters. that fic was fucking great and I wish you'd do a sequel or something. Please!

I like monkeys.

5/16/2004 c11 AliciaBouvier
Oh poor Mark. Did he get bitten by the jealously bug? Oh well I'm sure John and Stacey would make a cute couple. Please
keep up the good work.
5/16/2004 c11 20Pinayprincesa
aw this is so sweet and really romantic:D:D:D
5/15/2004 c11 RuBis
Heey sorry i couldnt bug you online today i was gone!
awesome chapter, love the singalong bit its so... dunno... i love it! i can figure iteasily, thats so cute!
5/9/2004 c10 U know who I am
hey dudette I absolutely LOVED IT! It's so freaking cute/good ! Tell me there are chapters left, i dont want it to end !
5/9/2004 c10 AliciaBouvier
Adam is so sweet to lie to see Gail. I love this fic soo much. Please keep up the good work.
4/29/2004 c9 Meee Rubis
I was too lazy to loog on ! HOLY SHIT! SHE LOST HER BABY? * dies * I want Adam's reaction! So... * drugs dealer voice * whens the next update? U know what? Like I said in the other reviews I left since the beginning.. I'll shut up now.
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