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12/13/2011 c3 bookcoda
wow great job capturing the essence of the charactors and making a sad scene even more so good job
10/26/2005 c99 3Chasing Liquor
I loved this story. It was incredible. And I'm glad you went with the ending you wanted to go with... but damn, talk about the downer of the century.
10/26/2005 c64 Chasing Liquor
Holy shit... well, that was certainly a dark turn.
10/24/2005 c12 Chasing Liquor
From a technical standpoint, your writing really isn't very good. However, believe me when I say that's a compliment because you transcend that flaw and have written something extremely compelling and deep, imbued with legitimately interesting sentiments and a wonderful understanding of the subtleties of characterization. I'm enjoying this a lot so far.
8/9/2005 c80 2ambulanceMURDER
BTW- I only read to chapter 46 and skipped to the 'Terry and Hunter Arrive' chappie...NU YU MEANIE! -Huggles Terry.- You killed the origin of Hawt-ness nu
4/21/2005 c100 4moulinrye
This was a great idea for a chpater/update and I loved reading about what was going on in that head of yours during the writing of this story! Bravo!

Its so funny I always thought of Utopia as a Jessica Simpson since Utopia was with her long blonde hair! ;) (I love Jess!) And now Ive got the Ryan Reynolds for Jersey. I always thought of him as a dark haird man but never put a face to the name lol, but Ryan is good for me lol!

Im glad to know that you had a hard time Killing Ana, it shows that these people really can grow on you as you read/write a story and she is one of those people!

Okay heres what I was thinking over the story. I was drawn in for 2 reasons. 1 being I wanted to a chance to read a good story about what happend after Dawn and 2 I was so hooked on your writing and twists and turns I loved every chapter update! I kinda always wished that Michael did spend more time with Ana like in her dreams/hopes and was kinda sad wehn it turned out not to be true. But then I saw hope much it added to her saddness and it worked so well with everything that I know it had to be this way because it would pay off later.

Then when the boat came to the island and Michael was alive the story really heated up and became as fast passted as the end of Dawn you loved so good work! You every knew what each chapter would bring like the one with DAY cast crossing over between movies! On and when Nicole died I was kind of sad for Terry but really it was better because theres only so much you can write with her really )I still love the DAY OF THE DEAD back story you wrote with for Rhodes and everything with that.

You got me wondering of the other ending you were thinking of for the story, That sounds really cool but I am glad New Jersey is alive and living it up with Sara lol

Oh and that was the other thing...I always loved the flash back to the mall and the gaps they filled in the movie! I still cant believe its been 10 chapters! Ah congrats again!

All my luck to you and thank you for letting us read such a wonderful story!


P.s Thanks for putting me in your update, means a lot!

P.ss lol I would love for you to return to the world of Dawn in the time to come. Even maybe a year from now an upate on life on the island or a LAND of the Dead story after it cames out and if you like it.
4/21/2005 c100 30Seth Child Star
I love that you put your thoughts at the end...it was so good to see someone put up what they want to put instead of what is popular. Either way, I agree on the whole remake idea. Hope you have fun in future projects, bye.

4/21/2005 c99 Seth Child Star
aww, dude, that was a good and happy ending! I love it! Congrats! I rocked! Have a happy life, continue to inspire me, and long live you!
4/21/2005 c99 4moulinrye
Let me be the first to say Its been a blast and a treat to read this! Congrats on an amazing story Stay! It ended as wonderful as it started and I have to say the last chapter wrapped out everything wonderfuly!

New Jersey and Sara getting together was great! And Mike giving the baby to Jersey as her father was a sweet idea which gives Jersey a reason to go on and it all makes sense and fits together just great! lol I hope they all have a chance now to rest and be at peace!

Yay 99 chapters! was wonderful to meet you on this and Take care! I will be around checking out your work it can only get better and better(Maybe you will write a Land of the Dead story? wink wink lol. I hope to do one after it comes out...If I ever finish Lost at dawn that is lol.
4/20/2005 c5 7LadyJaye
I don't have time tonight to finish reading this story but I WILL be back. I've already got tears in my eyes, you completely captured Ana's pain over losing Michael. Great work so far, keep it up.
4/17/2005 c98 4moulinrye
...Wow...everything came full circle and just wow...this is what I will miss...I loved when Micheal found out Ana was on the Island and said "My Ana...she's here."

I cant believe Ana died...that was so sad. Its so odd in a way. Ana lost Michael and now he lost her again...OMG...Stay you are amazing and this story with live on as my top fav!

I think you said once it was going to have 100 chapters but I have to say this one made the story even more amazing...Wow! Greeat! This WAS the best!
4/16/2005 c98 30Seth Child Star
Oh. My. God. That...that was so...friggin...SAD! I was crying when I read this! Stayhooper, your writings are lovely, keep at it.
4/16/2005 c97 4moulinrye
Yes glad to see the DAY group get to the island...does that mean we can expect to see another two to arrive soon? lol
4/16/2005 c97 30Seth Child Star
Yay! Kenneth met them! ::squeezes stay:: Kennethkennethkennethkennth I am dancing to a song I made for you know while chanting your name for good luck...I'm waiting for chapter 98!
4/16/2005 c96 Seth Child Star
This was cute and sad. I'm still crying over Utopia's death!
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