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2/20/2005 c71 30Seth Child Star
Cool! I'd like to see Terry find Michael and Hunter meet his dad...and find out about Kenneth. But that's just my personal opinion. Please post more soon!
2/20/2005 c70 4moulinrye
aw! This was touching and sweet! I love what Hunter said about him beingd mad a his dad for leaving but hes happy that he can take care of Nicole. (I still cant believe shes dead! lol)
2/20/2005 c69 moulinrye
Oh! This was a good one! I like your take on Rhodes, its cool to see him not being an ass...if thats whats really going on lol! Loved it! I hope all is well with you Stay!
2/19/2005 c70 30Seth Child Star
::sniffle:: That's so sad! Please update soon so we can find out what happened to Kenneth! Please?
2/15/2005 c68 4moulinrye
Hey Stay! Just got to read this chapter and I enjoyed it a lot! Its good to know that Michael seems to be gettin on in a way and in a group! I hope in the end he does get to met up with Ana!

And just wanted to say thank you again for the new review! Cant wait for more! Take care buddy!
2/11/2005 c67 30Seth Child Star
WOW! That's so cool! Please post more, so we can find out what happened to Hunter and Terry, and Kenneth as well as Michael! AND ANA! She was my fave female chara from the movie, and I like this stary...please post more! P.S. I'm not trying to be picky, but I have a strange felling these are the same Sara, Dr. Logan, and (Sry, forgot his name) Jamacian guy from Day of the Dead?
2/10/2005 c66 4moulinrye
Aw man you sure know how to make a guy feel good! Thanks so much! Belive me your story has me coming back to this site all the time!I wish I had time to update but darn college is taking up all my time. (I still sneak away to read your work lol!) Thanks so much again Stay!
2/10/2005 c67 moulinrye
ou painted a picture of the films location to perfection! I.S the chain link fence and underground walls.

I like how you put Major Cooper in the story Stay! That was a good idea since we never got to see him in the film.

And P.s I always loved Sara & John in DAY so im glad again they are in this! Keep up the great work Stay!
2/5/2005 c64 moulinrye
...wow...just wow! This is your best work to date! For the others who have been reading and those who will read it in the years to come this one will be classic!

P.s At first I was hoping Ana would see Michael and New Jersey and Utopia (can you imagine how sad that would be if Ana thought she was going to die and then see Mike and think he was an angel taking her) im so happy your doing a Day of the Dead cross over!

2/5/2005 c62 moulinrye
Not one but three new chapters! I have so many questions and im thrilled you updated! Im still loving the new dual storylines!

With Terry and Hunter so far away will Ana see them again! And Im glad you didnt take the easy root and make Michael leave in a boat to find the others...but part of me wishes he did! lol

Also I think it all works out with some people dont change! Thanks for all the updates and I CANT wait for more!
2/1/2005 c60 moulinrye
Man you werent joking about steping up the action! I was taken in with this chapter and felt the rush and fear Ana felt while running to the docks in your writing! That was a amazing job and I and dying to know what's next! Your the best Stay!

2/1/2005 c60 30Seth Child Star
Oh, man, this is very good, but now I'M scared. Poor Terry, poor Nicole, poor Kenneth, poor EVERYONE! I'm...just...so...SAD! WHA!
1/23/2005 c58 Seth Child Star
O.o This is getting intresting, hope to read more soon.
1/23/2005 c59 4moulinrye
I love the names New Jersey & Utopia! What a great idea!

Can I assume that what Michael sees now is the past when they others first got to the island?

Now im saying OMG Who is on the boat coming to the island? If this Micheal POV is going on the same time as Hunter seeing the boats means that it cant be Mike it could be someone dangerous! lol Okay If you can understand what I said then all the power to you my friend, Im just excited over this new plot! lol!
1/21/2005 c58 moulinrye
Holy cow! It was a boring Friday night and I was hoping that my favorite story would be updated! lol So I’m trilled Stay!

Okay I LOVE the way you write Hunter! So smart like his dad and at the same time innocent, its great! You totally beat out your last chapters surprise with this one and the boats! I love how the “Dukes of Hazzard” talk is worked it, the details that Terry and Nicole had a fight, and how Hunter wants Terry to be his father and Ana to fall in love with him! That was so sweet! I swear when your done with this I have to print out the chapters I didn’t do (when I was reading them offline) and put them together as “Stayhooper’s Dawn of the Dead: Biggest Fear!” lol.

On a side note I thought you may want to know that I put on the Dawn remake the other night hoping that inspiration would come... anways now whenever I see Luis I think of him as he was in your story…how Ana thought about him etc! Keep up the great work and hope to see an update whenever you can! :)
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