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5/25/2004 c13 FlFriend
Excellant chapter! Great job with Ross, and just how to clearly explain all his emotions. One question, does this mean Ross and Rachel are back together or just not that "together" together, but still in a relationship? Can't wait for the next chapter. : )
5/25/2004 c13 me
AWW...u are the best writer ever!
5/25/2004 c13 DimndTiara7
This chapter was great and you write so well too! Aw but please let there be a happy ending for them! Please continue soon, this story is so good!
5/25/2004 c12 7DeepSeaBlankets
Hey! That was SO good! Very deep and real. I liked it! Please continue. (Glad to have ya back)
5/25/2004 c13 Tenneil
This chapter goes down as one of my favourites from your story. :) Great work and as always, very well written. You do an excellent job in portraying these characters while in such a complex situation and each chapter leaves me dying to read what will happen next, so please update soon! And I do hope there will be a happy ending. :)
5/24/2004 c13 LanieCroft
Re-virigin? what kind of crap is that.
Thank God you stay with your story and the way you want to tell it. I think you doing a very good job, especially Ross was very well written in chapter 13. I really hope he left this "it was stolen from me" crap behind him, since that should be the last thing on his mind in a situation like this.
Anyway very good story ... keep on writing
5/24/2004 c13 Exintaris
Okay, let's see if it will work *this* time. This is strong stuff. You really have got inside the characters, especially Ross. Great writing (but still need spell check here and there - effect, not affect, e.g.).
5/24/2004 c13 VeroGeller
wow... just... wow... I haven't reviewed for a few chapters (actually I think I reviewed the first ones and that was it :p) but this is one was really amazing...
I loved this phrase "He was Ross. And she was Rachel. And that was enough."... it's soo them. Not only in the fic, but also in the show... them it's all it takes :D.
Thanks for writting this fic and for updating so fast ;)... Please, keep the good work coming (and try to give this story a happy ending, pretty please)
5/24/2004 c12 Amber
I have never felt so disgusted with a character in my life. In this chapter Ross appears to be more mad about the fact that someone other than himself was the one to take Rachel's virginity, than the fact she was raped in the first place. From what I read it doesn't even seem like he stopped to *consider* Rachel's feelings and thinks only about himself and how Rachel's situation effects him. If you define this as a story where Ross's character is 'growing', then he's still got a very long way to go.
5/24/2004 c13 Katie
WOW. I'm not really the type the reveiws. But wow. I had to this time. That chapter was absoultely amazing! Prob one of the best I've read in a really long time. You're a great writer..please keep going!
5/24/2004 c13 natalie
OMG I LOVE YOU! u are like one of the greatest writers...lol my panic attack has ended. OMG UPDATE ASAP! i've loved this story from day 1 and it keeps getting better! =]
5/24/2004 c1 1987
This is cruel I can't access chapter 13!
5/23/2004 c12 Francy
That was really sad, but I hope that this will put them back together. Gosh, her parents are kinda selfish though, they left the daughters on their own... I do hope that RnR will talk and pass through this! Update soon!
5/22/2004 c12 FlFriend
Wow, okay, that was a good, but depressing chapter. Shouldn't her being raped like not count, or she could be one of those born again virgins? I hope Ross and Rachel get back together again, or Ross could somehow find the guy that did it to her and beat the crap out of him. Just a suggestion, can't wait for the next chapter. : )
5/22/2004 c12 Erin
OMG aw Rachel got raped! I am SO sad! PLEASE let her and Ross get back together aw! Still, great job. I still am lovin this fic update again soon!
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