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2/28/2005 c23 13Hes Her Lobster
What an amazing story Kaitlyn! I was looking forward to read this for a while and Ive finally got round to it!

I just love the whole story,You write so well and Its a real inspiration to somebody like me whos just starting to write...

I will look forward to reading anymore you have written,This is definately the best so far for me!

Rachel x
12/30/2004 c2 rossrachmonchan
that was good lol the fight was cool for ross to fight that guy for rachel and i hope they leave the club asap
12/30/2004 c1 rossrachmonchan
hey that was sweet of ross and im going to read the nexy part lol this is a good story
11/3/2004 c23 8SilverSeahorse
YAY! I finished the story! I hadn't been on for ages due to uni and boring real life, but I came back and read the chapters I'd missed and caught up and it's brill! I've really enjoyed reading your vision of a different Friends world and it was exciting and surprising, but always believable. I totally understood all the characters and why they did what they did - you're a talented writer. I'll be looking forward to reading your next fic!

Kat x
10/20/2004 c23 Melanie Geller
This is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, fic I've read. It's made me feel every emotion, and I've actually been thinking about it all night long...After way too long, I've finally come on here and read the final six or so chapters...and re-reading the entire story, it's incredible to see how the characters have developed. You're SUCH a great writer, and I'm not just saying that at all...You resolved the story, yet you didn't resolve everything, which I think is wonderful. It takes true talent to write what you did...I really felt as if I was there with the characters. I almost didn't want the fic to end. :) Thank you for writing this. :)

9/28/2004 c23 Rosie
Hey Kaityln! I loved this story! I love all your stories! I have been reading this from the beggining but I couldn't post because my home computer sucks! but I am in school and I just want to tell you this was a wonderful fic! I hope to see an epilouge soon!

Continue writing! You have great talent!

a friend always, Rosie!
9/27/2004 c23 SeaAngel24
Wow, that was it. It was great it wasn't overdone, it wasn't pulled too far or made overly perfect, it was just right... which ofcourse in that ironic way of life made it perfect.

You outdid yourself with this one.

I can only hope for another begginning.
9/25/2004 c23 lobsterlover
oh my god. this is my all time favorite fic... its incredible and inspiring and so,so real. You are an amazingly talented writer. how bout an epilogue? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?
9/24/2004 c23 sarah
i really loved the story , it was amazing... but then the end came and it messed it all up... it was kind of like a shitty end to a great story.it is a very general chapter... it doesn't conclude much things... and there is no dialogue...*
9/24/2004 c23 amelia
That was a perfect ending to a perfect piece. Thank you for writing this fic!
9/24/2004 c1 kokimono
hey um y do u write such sucky stories? i cant believ u would disgrace friends like this!.can u rite about power rangers?
9/23/2004 c23 12Exintaris
Well, here goes review 270 (!). Tremendous stuff, as before, and satisfying as an ending. We'll never know if it did work out, eventually, when they became full adults, but that doesn't matter. The story is complete.
9/23/2004 c23 FlFriend
Great chapter! I liked the fact that you didn't really resolve it like some kind of movie. It seems real, like these are real people with real problems. I also liked that its left to us to imagine and figure out what it really means or am I making too much of the last part? Can't wait for future stories. : )
9/23/2004 c23 Tenneil
Wow... great ending to a great fic. :) I love the real emotion you convey and the way you write it is so believable... you're such a talented writer. :) One of the most amazing RnR fics I've read. I hope you'll continue to write more. =D
9/23/2004 c23 23McB
I thought it was very good, but what happens to Monica and Chandler?
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