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8/24/2007 c11 8Juliet Deveraux
Ahh, this is my favourite Lily/James parody in the world. I love L/J fics but they're so easy to make fun of, and you did it perfectly. Awesome story :)
12/31/2006 c11 Not Your Ordinary HP Fan
So that was pretty much the best parody I've ever read.


And...THE EVIL SONG! That's the most amazing thing EVER, and now I shall sing it nonstop and annoy random people. XD

Thanks again for writing this and giving me something to do for the past hour or so!

12/5/2006 c11 kristin
this was so hilarious. it's so true though - i'm totally guilty of over half the stuff used. and what's scary is that they are so successful! anyway, nice job poking fun at the j/l stories ^_^
10/5/2005 c1 9taemin
... Dear, sweet Eru. This is... there are no words to describe this amazement. I bow to this fic's greatness. Thank you for making my day.
5/26/2005 c7 smartwitch16
How can you not like Ron? So wierd. This is definitely the most INTERESTING story I've ever read... a little perverted though. whatever.
5/15/2005 c11 Jo
Fabulous. Love sirius. He's very sexy. Infact, you portrayed him very well. Your very funny and whimsical not to mention brilliant. 2 thumbs up
3/5/2005 c11 ThelovelyladyLily
I WAS ging to write a Lily/James cliche parody...but YOU took all my ideas! Joke! I love this story, it's so funny, especially with the OC and OC2 personality jokes. This has to be my favourite parody ever! And it's over...Happy writing and great story!
1/24/2005 c11 3montlake
Wow! Totally hilarious! I LOVED the Voldemort chapter! 'Haha! Got you! It's only me!' Lol... was laughing SO much by then! And the evil song... Also SO funny how Wormtail kept going off in suspicious circumstances and everybody is just like - 'Well, Wormtail is always hanging out with creepy Slytherin ring-leaders, but OH WELL! He's just weird...'

I thought you could have had one of the inevitable scenes in which, because Lily is SO good at Charms and James is SO good at Transfiguration they have to tutor each other. I see a lot of them in LJ fics. But you got SO much of it!

So funny when they went forward in time and Harry says 'Beware of a man... who's name starts with P- and ends in -eter Pettigrew'And how their parents all died and Sirius's happy dances... All VERY funny!

Also, I agree with you completely about your comments about POA movie at the bottom of one of your chapters. Especially the lack of MWPP. It killed me.

Well, this was ridiculously funny, so thanks for that!

~ montlake
10/1/2004 c11 asdghjlkl
Lol, loved it. Sorry for the short review, but wouldn't let me review this when I first read it, so... here it is now. Good work!

9/30/2004 c11 10thenlaugh
That was really good. But you missed the one scene where James and Lily sneak off to Hogsmeade and have butterbeers then watch the sun set!

Geez, disgraceful. lol only kidding, your story is great!
9/30/2004 c11 greeninkstain
rofl! That was the funniest thing ever! ^_^
9/28/2004 c11 1Stargirl1439
*Claps with audience*

Bravo! Yay!

*Throws roses and, in a clche-like fashion, lilies on the stage*

That was great and wonderful and...


You're done?

Now what will I read?

*Grumbles as I grab my roses and lilies*
9/26/2004 c11 Only Afterglow
That was great! So sad that it's over already! I'm going to miss your updates, even though I never reviewed for them all... thanks for all the laughs!
9/25/2004 c1 namesareoverrated
oddly enough, this is much better than a great deal of fanfics out there.
9/25/2004 c11 2kllrs
AHH! IT ENDED! NOO! OMG, You HAVE to try maple fudge! Very North American...more Canadian, but hey, so am I! lol. Hilarious! I don't Want it to End! Wahh...Loved it. As usual. I've tried white chocolate fudge too...but maple is better. lol. Don't make it end! please! a messed up sequel perhaps, showing married life? nah...sigh. I'll miss it...I need humour fics to even out the angst romance and drama...All Hail Annie, Queen of Humour!

Keep writing! I need funnifulness! Otherwise...who knows what might happen o_0. lol. Love it, Loved it. Keep writing!
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