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for Have A Little Faith In Me

6/22/2012 c7 LamoyaSmith vs blakeNtori
Great story..lov da chem...
5/19/2004 c7 3hartfelt
Oh! My name! LOL Thank you! and hey, it was nothing! and liek I said before, this is jsu texcellent. Splitting it up in halves where you did was perfect. hmm, do I have another competitor in the future for readers? LOL Just kidding. Really, it was awesome. I promised that I woudl read and review, so here ya go! If you need any more help with anythign, let me know! you know where to find me! Looking forward to the real story!
5/17/2004 c3 3Darkniteangel1
Ok,please bear in mind that it is one o'clock in the morning when I'm typing this. So imagine the enthusiasm that I really do have. This story is excellent. You are a talented writter. For as much as I am able to read at this point...(the words got a little hazy at the end. I am soo tired)This is a great story! However, I kinda get a feeling that the story is a little rushed in its progression. Then again, it could be me. I like to take great detail in my work. (no wonder my works are so long) Anyway. I am thoroughly enjoying this story. I am a major fan of Dustin. Considering there are very few storys that aren't slash romances with him in it...I am extreamly happy to find this story. BTW, Gold Ranger...nice touch. I like ever so much! That is quite the brilliant Idea. And it works so well too. Oh, and how you portray Dustin...genious...I so love a tourtured soul type of guy. I just makes you wanna hug them to bits. He's a bit more on the angry side then I thought his character to be...but nontheless excellent. Now, considering this is the longest review I have ever written...(expecially since I'm tired) I am going to stop now and go to bed. I will most definately be finishing this story when ever I can finaly see the words on the screen. Keep up the great work!
5/4/2004 c7 32griiffins
ta 4 mentioning me! shame its the end, but i cant wait 4 da sequel! good luck with it mate!
miz g
5/4/2004 c7 43Dannie Tomlinson
Another awesome chapter! I love it! Can't wait for more!
5/2/2004 c6 32griiffins
fantastic chappies! love them! aw they're gettin along! update soon!
miz g
5/1/2004 c6 43Dannie Tomlinson
Another awesome chapter! I love it! Please update soon!
4/25/2004 c3 32griiffins
Love the story! its really good. hope you update soon
miz g
4/23/2004 c5 1lyrical love
great chapter! does paige like blake?
4/23/2004 c5 43Dannie Tomlinson
Awesome fic so far! Please update soon!
4/8/2004 c1 1lyrical love
great chappie! LOL..aim! update soon gurlie!

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