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4/20/2004 c1 Jax
I'm a huge fan of your writing, and it's so wonderful to see something new from you again! I was beginning to think that you'd deserted fan fiction altogether.
Can't wait for more on this story. It's terrific; I've always wondered what things would be like from Gilbert's perspective. Your writing is beautifully detailed, I love it!
Waiting anxiously for chapter 2.
4/18/2004 c1 Nichole Thompson
Just like your other stories, amazing and captivating. I love reading things from other perspectives, it gives the whole story much more depth. Great job, keep it up! I can't wait to read more :o)
4/17/2004 c1 Someone Out There Cares
I am a big fan of AoGG. IT's just so enrapturing. And I love your story so far as well. The chapter was not short and I was happy to learn where Gilbert was in all of this. So I do hope you will continue and update asap.
One comment: Where you put the quote from AoGG maybe you could just put an asterisk or a number so it won't interrupt in the middle of the text.
4/17/2004 c1 1Citrus Tea
Nicely done! I hope you continue soon. This was well written and interesting.
4/17/2004 c1 Jeanie
I really like your story. It's well written and it provides a nice background for the story. Please keep updating. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter :)
4/16/2004 c1 Acidity
I really love your writing style. It's Montgomery styled while completely unique in it's own right, the perfect Gilbert combo.
4/13/2004 c1 ipegasus
What a wonderful surprise! So far I am very happy to see a new fanfic and from Gilbert's point of view! Your writing style is complimentary to Lucy's and your attention to detail is very much appreciated.
I look forward to reading more of your story, so post when you can. Thank you for sharing your story online. I know how much time that takes. If only some of these stories could actually be published. I have found many wonderful stories here at this website. Bravo! I should also add that your other two stories were sweet and funny. Nothing is better than a romp through Avonlea, with my favorite characters. It is a "Bible" of sorts, for all things wonderful and magical in a world that finds it so hard to remember the joy of just living and exploring natures bounty.
Thanks again,
A Kindred Sister,
P.S. forgot my sign-in..didn't show up right away in my email/ will use it next time. tah tah!
4/13/2004 c1 Benrie
No offence but your story is a bit about nothing you should have cut out a bit about the train ride and stuff like that and included more things about anne
4/13/2004 c1 1Una Meredith
You definitely have my interest! It's nice to have a fanfic from Gil's point of view for a change.
I think it's interesting that you chose to name Gil's mother Cecilia, since the Merediths' mother was named Cecilia and their father is John.
4/13/2004 c1 Triana9
can't wait for your next chapter.
4/12/2004 c1 8Mustang Gal
I like this. Please update as soon as possible.
I love Gil *sigh*
Mustang Gal
4/12/2004 c1 41lovejag
I love it! You are an excellent writer. I could just see all of this happening, and you are showing me things that I didn't even realize when I'm reading the books. Please hurry with the next chapter.
4/12/2004 c1 Sarah
Hey...this is a really great story so far... and i like that you have it in Gilberts p.o.v.
update soon! :)
4/12/2004 c1 6stella maynard
That was really good! I like it a lot. I hope you have him meet Anne sometime soon. Please update as soon as you can. Great story!
4/12/2004 c1 5Writing Epistles
I am enjoying this emmensely. I can't wait to read more! Please post the next chapter soon.
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