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for Avonlea's Brightest Son

4/11/2004 c1 toto
O! What a great first chapter! Can't wait to see more. :)
4/11/2004 c1 BreeSparks
I *loved* this beginning! -(like I'd have any doubt since your other stories are some of my favorites ;)) I was always upset with how much of Gilbert we weren't getting in the books, but this makes up for it.
Looking forward to more chapters (and no rush because I'm living the busy college life now too, so I know how it is -ha! ;)
4/11/2004 c1 jossi-31
Interesting idea! I hope you'll change it a bit to put a bit more romance between Anne and Gilbert!
4/11/2004 c1 Alee
Your first chapter is great - I love that you're telling Anne of Green Gables from Gilbert's perspective. The apple snitching episode was really funny. Look forward to the next chapter!
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